Saints Row 2 Peg Texture Tool

Hey thanks so much! It finally worked just as you had described. It's amazing how one little step changes so much. However, is the always_load extracted folder only supposed to contain 13 PNG files or should there be more?


Staff member
13 .png files, 13 .dds files and a .peg_desc file, maybe check your windows settings to show all file types.
I made a new PC with Windows10 OS (goodbye my dear Windows7). And I noticed that some of my tools did not work.
The cause was due to a bug in FreeBasic's dedicated graphics library (fbgfx).
Fortunately, I found that adding a single line to the program could work around this bug.
The tools that need to be modified are SR2pegtool and SR2ctsmapper.
If you are using Windows 10, please wait for a while as I will release the modified version as soon as possible.