Saints Row 2 Models Export Tool (cmesh, smesh, car)

now you can use it to export your mostly horrifying abominations to garry's mod and not only.
Can't even get this thing to work, and I have a version of .NET newer than 4.8.

To be specific, every time I attempt to convert a model it does nothing except spout an error message about "string" and invalid data exception.
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Any way to reasonably get this to work with .peg files or anything by any chance?

I want to take a crack at extracting the whole Saints Row 2 Purgatory Crib, and so far, Ninjaripper and other ripping tools have resulted in broken UV maps.
Do you guys place both files, smesh_pc and g_smesh_pc (for example, p_tec9) in the desktop? and extract the rar/zip file in the same location aswell? Because to me it works pretty fine
No I put the meshes in the same directory as the tool I'll give that a try

Just to be clear you want me to extract the model exporter tool to desktop and put the g_smesh_pc and smesh_pc files in the desktop too NOT in the tools folder
I mean like this.. you can create a folder for the cmesh tool if you wish.