Saints Row 1 in Saints Row 2?

Discussion in 'Mod Requests' started by Shayne Cashman, Apr 27, 2019.

  1. My intention for bringing the subject up was to get people thinking of ways to put the SR1 map in SR2. Given the source code has been found, it could be easier. I'm just curious about how the map would work in SR2.
  2. That would consist of stealing assets from saints row 1 for the xbox 360. Considering it would have to be converted over. Which is not aloud here. Talk of it isn't aloud either. Nobody here will be doing it as 99% of people here know the rules by now, and this subject pretty much is asking people to look into ripping the sr1 chunks, assets etc and then convert them over to saint's row 2 pc port, it's not gonna happen here. The closest you will get to anything sr1 related for sr2 on pc is the sr1 texture pack and all the other mods that re-enable ingame left over files from sr1. That's it. If somebody somehow someway did get the sr1 map in sr2 (which isnt gonna happen just due to how different the chunk data is across both games) the thread and user would be banned in no time at all, and the thread would be deleted, as again it's against the rules to steal assets or to release mods with stolen assets from other games.

    Now if Volition wanted to port the sr1 map to sr2 they could, but it would be a tedious job even for them, and it wouldn't be worth it, so I can guarantee they wouldn't even attempt it. Sorry bud, your dream is only just a pipe dream, dream about something else.
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  3. That's unfortunate.
  4. Speaking of SR1, I believe it was made with it's own source code, otherwise it's property of Volition/Microsoft since the game was exclusively made for the Xbox 360.
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  5. So, basically in order to have Saints Row 1 assets in Saints Row 2 is to recreate them from scratch?
  6. Legally yes. Illegally no. To have them posted publicly on here yes it has to be from scratch but those tools aren't here to do so for the most part.
  7. I wonder what kind of possibilities this Mega Patch will bring.
  8. in this case you need to be block admixon because he convert Aom skins with adaptation to protagonist. And some other stuff like train from Gta sa.
  9. Admixon

    Admixon Cybercat Staff Member

    Volition gave me the models of AoM agents. I didn't convert them
  10. Gta sa train rockstar was given to yo too? Or fallout stuff?
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