Replacing the Dubstep Gun tracks and making the gun fire.

Hello everyone! After searching the internet far and wide and not finding any way of replacing the Dubstep Gun's music with a custom one that will make the gun fire, I've decided to look into it myself, and have been able to successfully achieve this.

The tools that I used for this are:

Preparing the song:
With the Dubstep Gun, there are 4 tracks that are played.
  • Introduction - Plays when the gun is started.
  • Fire Loop - The part that continuously plays after the introduction. This is the part where the gun fires from.
  • Release - Plays when the gun stops firing.
  • Inactive - When inside of a building, but the gun isn't being fired.
In order to prepare custom tracks, you will need to split the songs according to what you want. Examples of them can be found below. (I used the "Industrial" variant to show you what I mean.)
Save the parts as wave files.

Before we insert the songs into the game, there is one more thing that needs to be done.

Getting the gun to fire:
The way the gun works is straight forward. With the Dubstep Gun, the game plays the sound of the gun first, and then analyzes the song being played for specific markers. If one of the following markers are found, the point of which the marker is found causes the gun to fire.

There are two markers which are directly related to dealing with the weapon's firing.:
  • Cannon_Fire - Fires the cannon, or strong wub.
  • Rifle_Fire - Fires the rifle, or a weaker wub.
In order to get our gun to fire, we are going to need to add the markers to the "Fire Loop" wave file.

To do this (I highly recommend FL Studio for this part, as it is simplistic to do):
  1. Load the "Fire Loop" wave file into the FL Studio playlist.
  2. Start adding the "Cannon_Fire" and "Rifle_Fire" markers. If you need help with this, try doing it to the rhythm of the song. I highly recommend using the "Cannon_Fire" for very intense parts of the song, and "Rifle_Fire" for the less intense parts.
Once you have finished placing your markers, go ahead and export your track to .wav (File > Export > Wave File).

Converting it to work in the game:
Now that we have (hopefully) made our files ready for conversion, it's time to actually convert them.
  1. Open up Wwise 2012.1, and make a new project.
  2. Drag the 4 .wav parts over to the "Default Work Unit" item under the "Interactive Music Hierarchy".
  3. Click import on the box that opens up.
  4. Expand the first track, and double-click the item inside of it. The track property editor should change.
  5. In this window, go to the General Settings tab and make sure these options are enabled:
    • Stream
    • Zero Latency
  6. Click on "Conversion Settings", and then enable "Override parrent".
  7. Click ">>".
  8. On the menu that pops down, choose "Factory Conversion Settings > Vorbis > Vorbis Quality Medium".
  9. If the song is not already "Stereo" at "44.1kHz" (44100), click Edit, and change the settings for Windows.
  10. Click the Edit button across from the Windows label and a new window should pop up.
  11. If it's not already set, change the "Seek table granularity" to 16384.
  12. Click "OK", then click "Convert" in the previous window.
  13. Select "Windows", then press "OK".
Repeat steps 4 - 13 for each track.

If all went well, you have now successfully converted the files to work in game.

Replacing the song:
  1. Make a copy of your "soundboot.vpp_pc" and "sounds_common.vpp_pc".
  2. Go to the folder containing Minimaul's tools, and run "ThomasJepp.SaintsRow.ExtractPackfileGUI.exe".
  3. Use this tool to extract both packfiles we have copied.
  4. Once you have done that, locate the "wep_dubstep_gun_media.bnk_pc" in your extracted "sounds_common.vpp_pc".
  5. Drag and drop the soundbank onto "extract-soundbank-sr4.bat" to extract it.
  6. Once it has extracted the soundbank, find the Dubstep Gun's BGM you would like to replace. (I will most likely make a list of all of the files which correspond to each Dubstep Gun, later. For now, you can listen to the converted songs, and determine which goes where.
  7. Back these up.
  8. Go to "C:/Users/<Username>/Documents/WwiseProjects/<project name>/.cache/Windows/SFX", and you should find the .wem files which were made by Wwise 2012.1. Rename these to the corresponding files you are planning on replacing.
  9. Copy and paste these files to the extracted "wep_dubstep_gun_media.bnk_pc" folder.
  10. Open cmd in the folder containing Minimaul's tools.
  11. Rebuild the soundbank using this command:
    ThomasJepp.SaintsRow.BuildStreamingSoundbank "path/to/extracted_wep_dubstep_gun_media.bnk_pc/wep_dubstep_gun_media.bnk_pc.xml"
    (You could also just drag the XML file onto the command prompt after typing the first part.)
  12. Once you have rebuilt the "wep_dubstep_gun_media.bnk_pc", you should see "wep_dubstep_gun_media.bnk_pc" and "wep_dubstep_gun_media.mbnk_pc" in the folder containing Minimaul's tools. Replace the "wep_dubstep_gun_media.bnk_pc" in the extracted "sounds_common.vpp_pc" and the "wep_dubstep_gun_media.mbnk_pc" in the extracted "soundboot.vpp_pc" folders.
  13. Rebuild the packfiles using "ThomasJepp.SaintsRow.BuildPackfileGUI.exe".
  14. Replace the "soundboot.vpp_pc" in your Saints Row IV game directory, making a backup of the original.
  15. Replace the "sounds_common.vpp_pc" in your Saints Row IV game directory, making a backup of the original.
Now, test in game. If all went well, the Dubstep Gun should now have custom music, as seen in this video by me:

Have fun!
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I have updated the guide slightly.
  1. As I have found out, you can use FL Studio 12 in order to place the markers.
  2. Between the original publish date and this edit date, I have gotten a new computer, and have re-recorded the previous video due to low quality.
I have also fixed a few mistakes, and clarified a few things.
im having trouple... when i open the soundbank for sr4 it gives me this error: View attachment 18273
You doesn't opening any soundback you only set sriv argument. If you run tools in command line, you'll get this

So you didn't set path to soundback and output folder. I guess you simply drag and drop file to compressed zip archive with tools via explorer
Hi, as I am very noob in using FL Studio, could you please show me an example of how you added each gun fire marker in Fire Loop wave file? Please, help!
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I'm Having trouble at replacing the song step 11. i tried not specifying the path before and the files never showed up.


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