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Discussion in 'Mod Releases' started by xQd, Apr 6, 2012.

  1. This might sound like an odd request but if you still have the files for the initial release, could I have it? It has some stuff I would like and I am afraid the version 4 is a bit too HC for me.
  2. True it's really hard, but not impossible. My suggestions are: first, don't focus on the target, true they give you lot of money, but put you in the middle of the action and kill you fast, I try to keep that for the end, I prefer to take some other streets for getting money, by destroying vehicles and objects, trying to stay away the most possible of the trouble and I finish with the targets ( when I have perhaps 75% of the money ). Of course try to destroy the vehicles with rocket launcher and peoples, usually, I will use the bullets on them because it's faster than the cannon. I try to keep something under my head, tunnels or something for don't have to think about the choppers, I try to take streets where I will control the flow of enemies who coming after me, more easy to deal with them when they come from one direction or 2 than 4. Of course, don't be too much happy trigger with the machine gun, it's better to wait few seconds then wait almost a minute when you overheat it.

    I almost removed the mod because I was tired to die, but it's possible. XD
  3. Like others, I also found the tank stuff inordinately difficult and random. Not only are you squishy against rockets (which for whatever reason spawn a lot on the easy tank mayhem), but you're also punished if you accidentally hold your machine gun too long, or forget that your main gun lags hard behind your cursor. I don't get realism or enjoyment out of that. So unlike Simon above me, I decided to remod it and doubled the HP of all tanks in the mod files (each has their own xtbl if you extract), which is still less than the original values. That made the first "easy" mission feel better for me - still failed it a few times, but it felt like I had more control over my fate rather than simply getting blindsided by a bunch of rocket spawns.

    On the mod in general, I like the intention and the attention to detail. It feels great when you conquer something you've died on a dozen times. It does make some missions (or portions of missions) arbitrarily difficult. However, it'd be hard to change so many things and then also balance it against every iteration of how the missions play out, so I don't see that as a hard knock against it. So far I've been meandering through, yelled at Pierce a lot during Stag Party because he kept ending up as far away from the front doors as possible. He also had a habit of insta-dying as soon as I'd exit the building (pro-tip, snipe the tank gunner before going down the elevator). The only thing aside the tank stuff so far that seemed nearly impossible was trying to do the DLC Tour de Farce with brute Gat when the helicopters attack because damned rockets really hurt and I don't see a hidey hole. But I can come back after upgrades.

    Edit: deckers.die is really.... really.... really... frustrating with this mod. Especially because of how the mission spaces out its checkpoints. Maybe with full renown and all damage-resistance related upgrades it'd be doable but with +100% health and 30% bullet reduction, I had to give up after literal hours. I hated myself for not being hardcore enough and modded a difficulty.xbtl file to ease it up a bit. Shame on me. That said somewhere around 1.35-1.4 as the damage to player multiplier I find feels better with this mod (rather than 1.5). It's still difficult but I feel like I have a little more agency and die less to random enemy positioning. So if you're like me and like the idea of the mod but aren't quite hardcore enough to make it through on the default values, I find that's an easy fix to tone it down a hair.
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  4. I just created a new game with this new difficulty addon, it is fun, but there is a one thing that is annoying.
    The tank mayhem mission, it is so hard, even with cheats its impossible.
    The slow rotating barrel, the slow rocket firerate and the stupid bullet thingy cooldown.
    One of the worst things is that the mission is a must-do. I just can't progress through the story because of the stupid activity.
  5. For the tank missions, again, hard ( if not really hard ) but not impossible, avoid to be too much trigger happy ( better to wait a little for not overheat your weapon than do it and need to wait to be full back ) I usually switch cannon-machinegun-cannon-machinegun and drive on cars and all ( focus your firepower on other things ).

    " deckers.die is really.... really.... really... frustrating with this mod. "

    Omg yes! Still can't beat it, but almost ( still work on upgrade my character for kick his ass ). About the checkpoint I just hate how the game put a damn checkpoint at a moment where the boss throw an attack on me ( the kind I can't avoid in the time the game load my checkpoint ), so I need to restart the mission ( after some hours to reach that point ). It's mostly the 'hack' in your way I hate. Slow and all. But challenge accepted.

    I found the missions with that Hulk-Gat really hard too.
  6. Please make a lil bit harder to die
  7. Hi how get on the minimap signs of enemies and allies?
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