Rastaman289 & Fan of Saints' Expanded Arsenal Mod - 666 Edition

Discussion in 'Weapons' started by Fan of Saints, Jan 24, 2015.

  1. smashbro596

    smashbro596 Modding patch tester

    in this mod...does this include the executive privelage cheats ported from sr4 into gooh? i ask this as (idolninja said) as long as the dlc being modded isnt done so in the game its introduced in, they should all be good. also, does this also include the save game cheat flag disabler? just wanna know. and also, do the new weapons in the mod replace other weapons or are entirely new? one last thing.... is there a cheat which disables weapon cooldown? like... maybe it could be fused with the "noclip cheat".
  2. Fan of Saints

    Fan of Saints Modding patch tester

    Yup, this mod includes all cheats from Saints Row IV, along with the ones from DLC and SilverLink. It's obvious that porting DLC content between two different games is fine, such mods exist since 2014 already.
    I disabled save flagging for all cheats but this won't revert already flagged saves, unfortunately.
    Well, I wouldn't say they're "entirely new" as they all recycle already existing assets but they don't replace anything. They have their own entries which don't affect vanilla weapons.
    Such cheat didn't exist in Saints Row IV and there aren't any new kinds of cheats in Gat Out Of Hell. Unfortunately, we can only create cheats which add vehicles to the garage or weapons to the inventory, we cannot add any special ones if they don't already exist.
  3. First I'd like to tell you that I absolutely adore and love this mod so much! Really inhanced my GOH experience and increased playability now that I can run around as the boss in my own non cannonical Boss takes over Hell fanfic lol. I'm having an issue though..I think it is one anyhow. There's no clothing in Planet Zin, like there's headware and necklaces and suites but there's no other clothing. Thanks so much for your hard work and effort into making us Modders happy!
    EDIT: Just figured it out and damn i'm stupid lol, you just have to install Saints Row IV clothing for GOOH mod by Minimaul
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  4. Love this mod, but I have a question. Is it possible to add the option to select Kinzie's or Gat's voice in the Personality section? That way our characters don't become mute once we customize them.
  5. Just a note in case this ever gets updates again: The bro demons and tragedy demons aren't actually gone after 100%. They spawn at Notoriety 2 in their areas. But since there are only four of them or so at a time, it's probably still not a bad idea to use the mod for them, I guess.
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  6. Fan of Saints

    Fan of Saints Modding patch tester

    Oh well, I'm probably not gonna come back to GOOH anymore but thanks anyway, people might find it useful. :)
  7. Please update to add gangs in hell, like the NPC Behaviour ones.
  8. Sorry for my English, it's not my native. When I replace the model of the character with the homie model, it doesn't have a head ... the body is there, but there is no head.... it's normal?o_O
  9. Hello i have a error with the cheats Superduper and sosuper that cheats not responding to me ? Im using original version of steam Im mexican but i need help (Si puedes escribirlo en español esta mejor porque no se hablar muy bien el ingles pero tengo algo de experiencia)
  10. Hello, the survival target with the mascots (Company of Gyros) is impossible.
    Whenever a CoG mascot spawns I see a purple dot on the minimap and it disappears after 0,25 seconds, and reappears, and does is all over again.
    Is there any way to fix this?
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