Question about manipulating camera view and game assets

Discussion in 'Get Help/Troubleshooting' started by Donnymazarati, Aug 23, 2019.

  1. Just posted this in the Steam forum but I think this is a better place for my question. I'm trying to get some footage of SR2 that looks cinematic. I am trying to find a game mode that allows the camera to move over the map unattached from the player and also has the ability to zoom in and out. I'm unsure of what that feature is called but I've been searching for a mod or even something in the game files to do this with. Also, is it possible to access and manipulate the assets of the game to create different areas from within the game files or is there a mod for that? I don't know anything about modding so if these questions sound stupid, sorry. But essentially, my goal is to create a short scene using the assets of the game because I love the way the game looks. I currently have Gentleman of the Row installed and have gone into the game files to remove certain features but I'm wondering if it's possible to spawn NPCs, items, or even areas/buildings.
  2. You are asking for a free cam. There isnt one. The only thing even close is in the tools section which locks the players camera in place. It would be tedious to use that tool for your needs though. And with spawning items/weapons yeah its doable couldnt tell you on hand but it would require editing the cts files to maunally place items and weapons in certain areas. And as for items i mean legit like small items such as a barrel. You can't really place or spawn a lot of world objects as it doesnt work right on this game and we dont even have the tools to olace world objects correctly. You can spawn npcs but you are limited to how many you can freely spawn you can find my test mod which btw was horribly coded in the mods in process section. You can get a rough example of how it was done by looking through the files. And as far as spawning buildings. You can't really spawn buildings but you can chuck swap to special chunks in other words make the yacht or even the heritage festival appear in the game while not in said missions. You could also use any hidden interior mod which lets you go to locations you cant go to normally in the open world.
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