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Discussion in 'Mod Releases' started by VIPER VENOM, Jun 11, 2016.

  1. The meshes are almost impossible to change till they give us the software.
  2. Hi Viper

    Thanks for that, was just curious.
  3. Have copied this mod across but items aren't showing up in stores and existing store items are freezing any ideas ??
  4. I have one idea. Download my greatest compilition mod. Everything i ever dod was integrated into the msin files so there was no mistakes. Its a large file but its worth it. Has all ported items included and working. Has lots of new stuff.
  5. Thanks Viper

    Will have a look, does it work with Porno's nude mod ?
  6. Yes. Install my mod first then put his in main directory to overwrite.
  7. what a lameo
  8. how do you port hair mods to SRTT???
  9. Hello. I installed the files as instructed and it's not working. I only get some of the clothes and only in the saints' store. Could you provide some help, please?
  10. Does this include the Super President outfit?