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  1. There has been some confusion at srtt tweaks and ports and i have made this simple. All items (clothing and hairstyles) i have ported over the last year and a half including dlc have been integrated into the original packfiles. Reasons behind this are simple, you no longer have to update asm_ pc files, you no longer have 100 different mod custmeshes and files in your main directory and last but most important, the game runs faster now since it believes these are the games original game files. I have simply uploaded the 3 files necessary to make them work properly with no game crashes. Simple rules:
    Please back up any custmesh files and customize_item.asm_pc and dlc2.asm_pc in main directory to a folder on your desktop or they will conflict and crash your game.
    Second, the preload_rigs.vpp included is not compatible with sandbox++ preload_ani.vpp at this point so please don't try sandbox++ with this.
    Simple: download mod from mediafire( sorry was too large to upload here). Extract with winrar or equivalant. Copy the three .vpp files from mod to your game folder packfiles/pc/cache and replace the three existing .vpp files and done.
    Any existing custmeshes or asm_pc files will conflict in main directory and crash the game.
    Any issues feel free to respond to thread.
    There are too many items to list pictures of and waste the space available here.
    Any questions just ask:)
    Almost all clothing items ported were for female player because they were female clothing and were not ported to the male side.
    Clothing examples are femsim, femsim2 a hidden item in sriv, miss mischeive, towel suit, and so forth that did not seem normal to port to the male side.
    Sorry if you are dissapointed by this but most players use a female character and most of the good clothing items in SRIV are female( no sexist remarks toward anyone). Though if you find any good clothing items for the male side to port simply ask and i will gladly help you and update the thread:).
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  2. Excellent, now it's working :) but the morningstar specialist doesn't change to suit with no name, it's just changing to be shiny black
  3. Try a female player and then try the item again and it will be femsim2 a hidden item from SRIV. Instructions to change it to man with no name are on page 57 of srtt tweaks and ports with required files. I left it this way because items ported were for female player since i always used a female player but left instructions on how to change them. That suit is modified for shiny clothes to be a wet leather look. Everything ported was mostly female clothing and over half of the hairstyles. I can help you port the items easily for male also but would look funny since is mostly female clothing like the popstar suit and femsim2 and others. I simply did it this way so there was less problems and game runs faster and less people made mistakes crashing there game and accusing me of bad mod. Sorry if this dissapoint you but as i said most clothing is female so i thought it may look funny to port to male also but i would gladly help you port whatever items you want to the male side:). Understand porting these items and making them work properly with the difference between the 2 games physics was not easy but is possible. I would gladly help you port items if it is physicaly possible my friend it just takes me a little time.
  4. Anyone having issues with the ported suits,ex. Missing body parts or do forth, it may be necessary to place this file in your main directory since the vid's had to be changed to make them show up properly. Yes this is compatible with any nude mod, simply replace the one in your main directory if it is present. Second if you do not have a nude mod when visiting stores to buy clothing or in wardrobe this file will make your player show up nude so warning.sorry but it is refusing to let me add this to the primary thread so i am posting it here.

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  5. Here is a quick example. I just ported the miss mischief suit and replaced the female blingpack suit( the z). If i didn't modify the customization items.xtbl she wouldn't have arms showing they would be invisible. My blinpack suit now looks like this:
    Screenshot14793.jpg Screenshot15246.jpg Now i am not sure if that would look right on a male player:p. Anyways if anyone likes it i will upload the files and help you add it:)
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  6. Yes, I want the ported clothes work for male player too :)
  7. For anyone interested, this will replace the female blingpack with the mis mischief suit and replace the latex jacket at leather and lace with the cleavage jacket from sriv.
    Download file
    Extract with winrar
    Copy files to main directory shown
    Copy the preload_rigs.vpp to the shown location
    (Packfiles/pc/cache) and replace the old one
    Warning: this only works if you installed the previous mod correctly
    Screenshot9163.jpg Screenshot14793.jpg

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  8. Thanks gabe;). Always liked your work too:D
  9. The denim pants from SR4 working well :) could you port denim pants, suit with no name for male player?
  10. See what i can do.
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