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Playing with the homies.xtbl: two lovely ladies

Discussion in 'Mod Releases' started by eprunega, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. I don't see the Lovely Ladies in my contacts
  2. Probably there's some problem on homies.xtbl. A memory issue maybe.

    You can try editing this file replacing the name "shaundi" for "pierce" or another contact. If you don't unlock the contact (shaundi for the Lovely Girls) they will not appear on the phone contacts.

    I test the mod on all my savegames (from 2% starting on shaudi's appartment to a 100% savegame with all the contacts unlocked) and it works fine. I don't figure what could cause the issue... :(
  3. i cant call anybody on my contacts list they are all busy it must be a error with my save game
  4. Uzi


    I'll have to try and figure out why Brutella went ape the first time I loaded the mod as I"ve not
    seen her behave that way since in subsequent game loads.
    The first time I used your mod I just copied over the files to my game dir. After that first load I merged my
    character.xtbl with yours but maybe I missed something.
    I should take better notes of my twiddling with xtbles. Maybe it was something I had done on accident.
    Dammit. Stupid chimp.
  5. Try to add the zombie flag on the character.xtbl:

    <Spawn_Info_Rank>Homie - Oleg</Spawn_Info_Rank>
    <AI_Personality>gang tough</AI_Personality>
    <Flags><Flag>brute</Flag><Flag>zombie</Flag><Flag>ungrabbable</Flag><Flag>no_instagib</Flag><Flag>no_ambient_spawning</Flag></Flags><Filters><Gender>Male</Gender></Filters><StreamCategory>Non Ambiently spawnable</StreamCategory><Headshot_Multiplier>1</Headshot_Multiplier><Color_Palette>NPC_Ho_Palette</Color_Palette><Firearm_Damage_Multiplier>1.0</Firearm_Damage_Multiplier></Character>

    When the car arrives the fun begins! Murder time, fun time! :D
  6. i'd like to install this mod, but does this mod removes my Johnny gat alive mod?
  7. So this is so "buggy" that gives NPCs Random Behavior?? Well then it's Hte Bset Mod In the Wordl!