Open World Z (Zombies In The Open World Mod) V 1.0.6

Discussion in 'Mod Releases' started by CabooseSayzWTF, Jan 30, 2018.

  1. I would think it would be solid considering you're releases in mods and stuff on your YouTube that's all I'm saying
  2. No I was asking because you said something about zombies attacking crews, and the way you worded it in that small sentence, sounded to me like the mod wasn't working correctly on your side. The mod is intended to be played at the start of the game right after the prison break, with said cheats activated, at that point you don't have any crews/saints running around besides the other gang members they attack, I self assumed you were talking about saints crew. But I was asking you to play it like this before you rate it a 3/10. Considering the days and hours I have worked on this mod. But if you don't like it that's fine, it's probably the best your gonna get when it comes to open world zombies also considering how saints row 2 works and considering on what I had to do to even make zombies spawn at all. I also asked if you were using the steam version because non steam versions well aren't aloud but also cause issues from what I have heard if trying to use gotr, thus why I asked.
  3. Hey, if you're still taking ideas, how about a hunger system? Maybe have your stamina bar just slowly deplete over time and the only way to refill it is with food. Alternatively, if you can rig up a hunger meter of some kind that isn't related to the stamina bar, you could potentially have hunger be a more serious thing as it could be used to drain health and lower stamina cap over time.

    If that is possible, the only problem I can really foresee would be the lack of food stores around. To combat this, you could, if possible, put a few more food store locations around the world. Not like adding buildings, but the icon where you can buy food. Just throw them around various cribs and buildings you can enter to simulate looting. An additional idea would be a bit more difficult. If possible, limit how much food you can get from cribs. To refill the stock, you do a generic little side mission where you go to a location, pick up a box, and either carry it back or put it in a trunk to drive it back.
  4. Ran into a bug. Tried doing the mission to get Gat out of the court house and it always crashes right after you burst into the hearing. Tried it twice. Same thing happened.
  5. I most likely won’t continue this project, more or less because I just have way tooo much going on atm. I never actually play tested missions when making this mod because this mod was made to be played right after jailbreak the first mission. Great ideas tho, the food store icons and such is possible however as far as a hunger system goes I really wouldn’t even know how to go about it or to even implement it. Thanks for the idea tho! I’ll see if nclok wants to take this mod and spruce it up as he has been more actively than me lately and he’s really really good with lua coding as I am not lol
  6. That's unfortunate. It is a ground breaking mod as nobody has really ever been able to make zombies spawn in the map. I hope someone else helps with it because it's very promising. I saw that you said it wasn't meant to be played with the story missions, but I wanted to be able to have all the cribs available and the ability to customize the gang. With all the cribs available, it would have been fun going from safe house to safe house. I also wanted the ability to have more followers and other unlockables you only get by progressing in the game.

    As for the food system, would it be possible to have the stamina bar just steadily decrease over time? It'd be more interesting to have more interesting effects like health dropping a bit if hungry, but the steady decrease in stamina would still be sufficient in creating a unique experience imo.

    As a side note, I saw that the mod uses some of GOTR. I think a few more things should be taken from it like animations like walking with the pistol, the extra cribs, the extra clothing, more gang options, etc. The more options the better. Even if it doesn't make sense gameplay wise to be able to deck out a helicopter in gold paint, it'd be a nice inclusion to have for those who want to be able to have the GOTR options with the zombies. Maybe also consider changing up the weapons of the saints gang members? In the game they end up carrying AKs and auto shotguns most of the time and that feels a bit weird for a zombie apocalypse. Maybe ditch the auto shotgun, and throw in some other guns like more pistols, the ARs, the sawn off, etc. Basically though, I just wish there were more GOTR features put into it. With more GOTR features, you can experience a more diverse apocalypse. Will you be a basic survivor who clings to whatever weapon you can find as you traverse the city or will you be a special forces soldier sent in to clear out the zombies while decked out in military gear and weapons?

    Hope to see more of the mod though. It really is a gem. I always used to try to mimic a zombie apocalypse in the game by doing drunk pedestrains and pedestrian riot. It was the closest I ever got to a zombie apocalypse until now.
  7. Thanks for all of the ideas but as i said i have no plans to touch the project in a long time, i really dont plant to at all now since nclock is basically remaking the mod from scratch in his own perspective and his own ideas, it's a work in progress but you can check it out here:

    Keep in mind its in early, early, early stages, so just keep your eye on it! His version has the REAL zombies using spawn npcs in the open world that i figured out how to do, he manually placed them into the world and makes them auto respawn and eat dead zombies and so on, he is taking mine and masako team's ideas and will be creating something beautiful! So again just keep a eye out as its very very promising, it will be more stable than my version.
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