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  1. Go check out @nclok1405 version of this mod his version is more stable, however its a W.I.P currently! He completely re-thought and re-coded the entire thing in his own fashion, in a way I never thought to! Mad props to him fr! AGAIN KEEP IN MIND its a Work In Progress and not the finished thing.

    His version: HERE

    -2020 My version is canceled. I'm still getting messages about this, use ncloks.


    This mod has been featured on a saints row 2 top 5 mods by mrsaintsgodzilla21 :

    This mod has been attempted by many but I finally cracked the case, I recently posted my progress in the mods in progress section, but now i'm here with a stable release. All this mod does is put zombies in the open world. Zombies don't fight each other and they don't use melee weapons or guns. Also This comes with a custom GoTR so be prepared to kill some zombies! This mod is best used on a new gamesave, this mod also comes with all weapons unlocked by default however you have to buy them, also car dealerships have been edited to have somewhat zombie atmosphere based vehicles. This mod is supposed to be used as a stand alone mod, however some of GoTR mods are still in this, use them or don't doesn't matter to me!, GoTR was needed because it fixed some animations issues I was having, like shooting guns at zombies would crash the game lmao. Also with this mod the only vehicles you will see is what gang members are driving and normal vehicle parked spawns. (excluding game forced security)
    There are only a few npc types roaming the city, and the majority of those are gang members.
    (think of the gang members as survivalist)

    - If you find any bugs besides what's already listed let me know! I will not be dealing with mission bugs or progression bugs. This mod is to be played at the start of the game! You are not intended to play the main story line.

    - V 1.0.6 is my latest update and will be my last for awhile, I am currently busy on alot of different projects

    Future Update Plans:
    I plan on adding a custom radio that plays the zombie uprising music all throughout the open world.
    I also plan on removing all original parked car spawns and adding my own.
    I also might make a custom TOD with more creepy darker atmosphere, but not sure yet.
    I'm also working on making a functional way to spawn objects *place objects into the world*
    So far I have not exceeded, but I have found many cts scripts that spawn objects such as ambient sound and small world objects such as a water tower. However trying to make my own objects spawn crashed the game. I however hope to eventually figure it out. Because If i do map out the objects and there appropriate chunks, Maybe this will lead to somebody creatin g a world populator, but don't give your hopes up on custom spawned objects script or map out. All of my attempts have failed so far.

    V 1.0.6
    - Fixed Broken Weapons (McManus2010, Vice 9, Baseball Bat, AR50 Xmac)
    - Added Reasonable Weapons From GoTR Into Weapon Stores (Septic Gun, Orbital Launcher, and Chainsaw Launcher are Included, However
    ..cost alot and should be used as "Canon Funny Weapons", Also made some tweaks for preload issues
    - Added Broken Weapons Back To Gun Stores, Also Added Other Misc Weapons You Can't Normally Buy By Default.
    - Changed All Weapon Prices (Let Me Know If These Seem Reasonable, They Are Supposed To Be Hard To Buy)
    - Added More Vehicles To Car Dealerships (also changed prices)
    - Zombies Now Auto-Attack Non-Players, However Ped War Is Still Needed That Way They Auto-Attack You.
    v 1.0.5
    - Re-added No Notoriety Mod (Fixed A Crash Issue When Getting 3 Star Wanted Level From Cops From Robbing/Shooting Up a Store)
    - Edited All NPCS So They No Longer Use Melee Based Weapons (Improved Fix For Gang Melee + Attacks Animation Issues)
    V 1.0.4
    - Fixed Npc Damage To Players
    - Fixed Cheer Animation (zombies Now Lurk Towards You, and Can Now Trap You)
    - Made Zombies Somewhat Harder To Kill
    - Added Zombie Small + Big Variants From ZU
    - Added Zombie Carlos As a Zombie (For His Zombie Sounds)
    - Fixed Zombie Spawning Issues That Caused Too Many of The Same Zombie To Spawn (Zombies Now Spawn Better Variant Wise)
    - Zombies Can Now Be Spawned In Light Rain
    - Most Zombies Now Drop 65 - 100$
    - Npc animations for non zombies will not be fixed (fixing these causes a crash)
    v 1.0.3 - Removed No Notoriety Mod, (Fixed Broken Gang Melee + Attacks)
    V 1.0.2 - Removed unusable weapons from weapon stores + from npcs.
    V 1.0.0 Initial release

    Cheats To Turn On By Default:
    1. Ped War
    2. Set Time 9PM
    3. Stop Time (after setting to 9pm)
    3. Set Weather To Overcast or Light Rain

    1. Use this mod with a new gamesave.
    2. This is to be used as a stand alone.
    3. Don't do missions as it ruins it's purpose, the only money you need is that of what zombies drop ;)
    - But hey if you don't wanna earn money from killing zombies go ahead do missions cheat your way to buying weapons lol.

    Known Zombie Bugs:
    1. Zombies will sometimes grab world objects and try to use them as weapons
    however most have no clue how to, they are brain dead so thats obvious.

    2. Zombies wont spawn in heavy rain or wrath of god weather,

    NPC/Weapon Bugs:
    1. Some Non zombie npcs will use zombie animations, just ignore them, they won't be fixed
    When I use there normal animations they crash the game now, IDK WHY!?!?!

    2. Game forced (Nuke Plant/Prison/Ultor Security spawn as ZombieMale_B Zombies
    These zombies are not friendly towards anybody or other zombie types, these zombies have a sense of there own and will
    use guns, this however can't be fixed, removing them crashes the game, changing there npc varient/npc in general
    crashes the game, removing there vehicle type forces the game to spawn in boats on the roads.
    Removing there group as a whole crashes the game. Changing there spawn cap does nothing. This really seems to be a issue
    with Saints Row 2 itself, the game forces some type of security/cop at these locations even when trying to get rid
    of them. I even replaced the cop zombie npc with another placeholder npc and the same affect happenes, These forced
    spawned npcs always come up as some type of zombie that kills other zombies. I guess these zombies just refuse
    to believe that they are part of the undead.

    If you personally update the mod leave credit to me CabooseSayzWTF, and IdolNinja for GoTR


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  2. [V] IdolNinja

    [V] IdolNinja Volition Staff

    This was one of those holy grails that I could never figure out how to do since Zombies cannot spawn outside of the underground of main HQ. Nice work!
  3. This is awesome! Keep up the good work!
  4. Thank You! I was determined to get this to work, trust me i've spent idk maybe 100+ hours attempting anything and everything to get this done. It's sad that this mod was really simple to do, All i did was edit the ai personality so they somewhat get mad faster, then just change 5 npcs to zombies, then go under there presets and set up there team and spawn info rank. Then after that i edited spawn_info_group (City - Civilian - Nuke Plant) to have those npcs, then I just removed the Vehicles they drive underneath them. After that I went into the spawn_info_categories and replaced every main zone/town/city group, with the nuke plant group, and I used this group because they are all friends towards each other and always show red dot blips. (And I got lazy and just copied al of plm1_zombie animations, into the other animation files, that way it forced zombies to use there animations.)
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  5. Thank You! It means alot. I'm glad you like it.
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  6. Version 1.0.6 has been released and adds some goodies as well as general bug fixes.
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  7. This is awesome! Thanks for your hard work
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  8. Thank you! It means alot. I have other projects currently in the works, but I will continue development on this when I have the time.
  9. After playing this I'll give a short review I give this 3 out of 10 play Zombies barely attack you they're more focused on your crew when they do attack you they do not attack you like zombies should or as in the zombie game mode
  10. Did you even read the bugs and info to the mod. yes it's not like normal zombies, and never will be. The game won't allow for actual zombie physics, or there correct animations entirely. This mod was a test and it is some what decent besides all of the issues, I could not figure out. (which is zombies pick up world objects and can't really use them, game forced security act as normal npcs but spawn as zombies, actual npcs use zombie animations due to preload issues, only 2 zombies attack at a time, made other zombies crowd up to make it more realistic, there is no way to make these npcs bite or use random scratch attacks,or to use the notification popups that are used in ZU, also zombies always attack if ped war is on, and the mod is to be used at the beginning of the game, when you don't have a crew and before you even start the first mission. So if you didn't use the cheats you were supposed to use and start from the start of the game like you are supposed to the game will not play correctly the way it was designed to do so), so if you wanna leave a rating of 3/10 go right ahead buddy, but all I gotta say is can you do better? yes what you said upsets me considering the time and effort I have put into the mod. So if you didn't play with the cheats you are supposed to use and at the start of the game, I strongly recommend you do so, before you leave a 3/10 and a review. You also must be using the steam version of Saints row 2.
    So are you using steam version of sr2?
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