No Gates in "The Real World"

Discussion in 'Mod Releases' started by pycorax, Sep 6, 2013.

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    Speak English or most people won't understand what you're saying.
  2. [QUOTE = "Fan dos Santos, POS: 64,995, Membro: 1350"]. Falar Inglês UO a maioria das Pessoas NÃO vai entendre O Que Você esta dizendo [/ QUOTE] me é o uso me brazilian google tradutor
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    If you can't (or won't) speak English, this may not be the community for you.
    BTW, the Portuguese spelling and grammar above are horrible, which is suspect.
  4. I've extracted the files to the right location, but the doors still close before I can reach them. It's super frustrating.
  5. This doesn't fix this problem. But setting going to Task Manager - Details and finding sr4. then left-clicking hovering over change priority and Clicking high. (Not recommended for really low spec pcs because audio WILL. skip if you do this on a low-quality computer) Or you can click Above normal and in-game performance is sooooo much better.
  6. Hello. I made a new version of Gate fix mod that works with the latest SRIV.
    No ASM file updates required so it can be used with most mods. But there is a catch: It requires you to replace "patch_compressed.vpp_pc" in the packfiles!
    This is because this mission's lua script is included in the patch (did Volition change something of this mission?), and it seems the files in the patch takes priority over EVERYTHING; it even overrides the loose files on the SRIV installation folder!

    This mod comes with three flavors:
    Removes the closing gates from the last part of the mission.

    Skips the entire gameplay and play the end cutscene as soon as you activate the mission.

    Removes the closing gates, and you begin from the final checkpoint of the mission.
    This is best suited for players who already played the most of the mission but cannot beat the final gates.

    To install, backup the original "patch_compressed.vpp_pc" to somewhere outside of Saints Row IV installation folders, then replace the patch file with my modded one.

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  7. You can get past the Finiky Last few gates by turning the Ship sideways - (RB or LB and whatever key is mapped for Mouse/Keyboard.)
    Lowering the Resolution helps too.
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