New set of missions / Additionnal narration

Discussion in 'Mods in Progress' started by Armise, May 10, 2016.

  1. First of all, I am not naturrally an english speaker (i am french), so please excuse any mistakes in my speech

    I want to make a new sequence of missions, like in the 3 different mission DLCs, to be started anytime in main narration from the phone. I am currently working on the scenario.

    The main unsolvable problem is the voices of the characters. I plan to avoid it by setting up subtitles, but I will certainly not record any additional lines that would'nt match the original voices anyway.

    I will need to code many stuff in many coding languages, so I plan to learn the ones I don't know, but if any programmer is willing to help me, it would be much appreciated.

    In addition to that, I will need to do some stuff that I never saw in any mod here before :
    - Add a new character, at least in cutscenes*
    - Add dialogues subtitles, in several languages if possible
    - Add a new sequence of DLC-like missions
    - Add new cutscenes (and launch them)
    If anyone knows how to do it, please help me.

    *I'm not sure i'm sing the right word, i mean the moments when the camera moves on its own, and you don't control your character and you juste watch.
  2. spike10164

    spike10164 Modding patch tester

    Yes you said it correctly.
    But we will need to wait for the SDK to come out to make characters and missions (maybe).
    So, this idea is not possible until the SDK is released.
  3. I read about it afterwards. Too bad they're taking that much time to do it though :( .
  4. spike10164

    spike10164 Modding patch tester

    Yeah, pretty unfortunate :/
  5. You are aware that they're doing this in their own time right? That they're not being paid to do it?
  6. Oh. No, I didn't.
  7. both of em, at the same time and place, in the same body, sharing the same face
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