My Steelport on dies on 31/01/2018

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Minimaul, Dec 20, 2017.

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    It seems a bit worrying that they are so resource-limited that they are unable to keep a legacy server running. I don't know where they host it or how many servers are involved, but if it's truly being used so little, they could just move it to a PC sitting under someone's desk at the office. But thank you for making this download tool. That's more than most games would have.

    This is actually why I don't buy online multiplayer games. Eventually, they will all become useless because of decisions like this. I prefer to buy my games and not rent them.

    I also want to say a big THANK YOU, Minimaul, for all you do to keep Saints Row modding alive and to keep this amazing website online. At this point, I know there's not a lot of modding being done, but just having this incredible website available is something that very few games have. Just keeping this archive of existing mods available to the public, even if no new mods are created, is an invaluable resource. If you ever need any help to keep this online or keep these mods available, I will be happy to help.
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    It's rather more involved than that. The API & content service itself is provided by a third party ( and I suspect costs rather a lot.

    There's a lot of extra infra involved (especially for 360) - eg XLSP service gateways for Xbox Live.
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  4. I really wish character presets could be saved locally from the beginning, but this tool is the next best thing. Thanks.
  5. I never get tired of playing saints row, it feels like a fun game, you have to have saints row 5, how much I'm going to pay even if it's expensive. thanks my friend, you work
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  6. So in regards to my characters I've uploaded on Xbox, will they be available to recover on PC (in the future)?

    Edit: The last few months, I've had shitty My Steelport service (failed loads). I'm worried I can't get my character stats.
  7. Sad Dude
    i just heard the news today when i was re playing Both SR3 and SRIV
    i feels like something wrong, where is My Steelport
    i saw the news, that they remove it :'(
    dang, luckily i still have my SR3 Character on the queue, but not my SRIV Character tho :'(
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  8. Sadly, you can't add to queue anymore tho
    cause i have My SRIV Character not in the queue :(
  9. It's so sad to see things go like this. Oh well, such is life.
  10. I hope this isn't old topic bumping but I feel like I may have come up with an idea for a fix. I'm not sure if memory editing does much for save files but it's possible that through memory editing we might be able to find the memory for our custom Boss character and swap it out with a new Boss that someone else made, while of course keeping a back up of the original save (before it was altered), thus making the My Steelport feature technically useless as is.

    I might be wrong (probably am wrong but doesn't hurt to have a little idea) but if this can't be done then... shit. My point for this idea, though was that someone can still play as other people's custom Boss without affecting their save data (downloading a save with different cars and halfways into the game and instead being able to still play the game at the percentage they're at.)
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