My Steelport on dies on 31/01/2018

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Minimaul, Dec 20, 2017.

  1. Minimaul

    Minimaul Site owner Staff Member has the nasty:
    We've got a plan for this, and I'll be releasing a tool shortly that will let you download your own characters from the site :)

    Edit: You can now use the tool from to download your characters. The files it produces can't be used (yet), but something is coming soon!
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  2. Great :D I was already scared :'v
  3. Hi, Minimaul. (Haven't signed in for a long time, due to computer problems and mobile device incompatibility.)

    I know the tool might be for PC exclusively, but will there be a means for downloading characters on console still? I can't afford a computer due to having next to no money these days (which really sucks), and I'm using my console to make characters with stories behind them, which helps emulate a story I'm remaking.
  4. Minimaul

    Minimaul Site owner Staff Member

    No, I can't download console characters, sorry.

    To connect to the API as a PS3 or a 360 you need a PSN or Xbox Live auth ticket respectively, and I can't generate those.

    Edit: this same limitation stops you from impersonating the service on PS3 - it requires a valid PSN ticket in the response back to the game. On 360 you can't anyway because it all gets tunnelled via LIVE.
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  5. Well that sucks, but thanks for the reply. I appreciate it.

    I'd use Saints Row IV: Relected for it, but it only has four slots, which seems severely limited in my opinion. But hopefully I can afford a decent PC for that in the future. I missed interacting with you guys.

    But what happens to as a whole? Does it remain as it is?
  6. Fan of Saints

    Fan of Saints Modding patch tester

    Can't believe it's been over two years since the re-launch already, huh. Quite a bummer it all slowly dies out but I see the point, barely anyone uses it by now. Even I don't play Saints Row much nowadays, I only launch it to check new stuff on Workshop every once in a while.

    Guess it's time for me to say goodbye too, anyway. I might finish remaining updates for my Workshop projects (Crib Mod, SupperHawt Pack) and Things To Do In Dominatrix sometime but other than that, I won't be starting anything new, I'm pretty much done with Saints Row at this point. It's been great, I have lots of good memories here, this forum played a big role in my life. I can't keep doing it anymore, though, I have to move on. I'll see you around, guys.
  7. I enjoyed your projects. Thanks for the contribution. This is a wonderful community, after all.
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  8. Is there any insight on a way this tool will work? Do we export it directly from the save full? Will "Character Gallery" still be functional? Oh, and will it let us share our character through workshop?
  9. Admixon

    Admixon Administrator Staff Member

    I didn't even know I had some characters there
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  10. in my opinion had to bring a look but smooth from the website of saints row the producers abandoned everything after agents of mayhem, still prefer saints row. game from the first saints row.
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