Muscle and Fat Body Slider Extension (with Optional Breast Slider Extension)

I know it's old thing, but what line of code changes boobs?
I mean, i want my character boobs bigger.
yo! Is there a version of this kind of mod that allows to extend the sliders the way that would make makeing a flat chested female character possible?
Hi all
Here are some screen shots of my character with almost max breast enhancement.
How did this user get his female character to look so nice ?

In the sense that she has big boobs but without the "fat" face and muscular body ?

I placed the user's player_creation.xtbl into my SR3 game folder but I get that terrible "fat" face and muscular body, please help ?
Hi. Is there a mode for bigger breasts for Saints Row IV ? I found something but are not as big as the mode for Saints Row IV. Is there a mode for big anime like tiddies like in Saints Row The Third already made ?

I tried some one mode for that but it crashed my game. Is there such a mode ?

I am not good at modding and modifying the boobs and body slider using tools.