Muscle and Fat Body Slider Extension (with Optional Breast Slider Extension)

Hi, I am the original Dummybump who created and released "" on some other site, and I'll be releasing the updated version officially once I get the images and readme files in order, but first, a warning:

Volition does not want characters tweaked like this uploaded to their station (web site). So, please honor that and don't go uploading your super beefy mutant to Volitions site.

And now, the files and image examples:

level - The base Muscle and Fat Body Slider Extension (No breast slider expansion)
level - Muscle and Fat Body Slider Extension with Level 1 Breast Expansion
level - Muscle and Fat Body Slider Extension with Level 2 Breast Expansion - Images of the default female (with sliders changed as indicated in the image name) with each level and vanilla to compare against.


To clear up what seems to be a misconception of this mod, its primary purpose was to expand the muscle and fat sides of the body triangle to give female characters a much more burlier physique than what was allowed in the vanilla game.

The breast expansion functionality was a secondary feature (and truthfully, I usually play with the "level 0" mod). As far as I can tell, how this mod does the breast expansion morph is the only way to do it in SR3. SR4 has some parameters that do a better job of breast expansion without the side effects of this mod.

The mod extends the body triangle by multiplying the morph effects of the muscle and body sides by 5 times and by multiplying the muscle normal mapping by 4 times. The skinny side is left unaffected.

What I'm calling "Level 0" is basically no changes to the breast morph by the Sex Appeal slider. Level 1 basically does a "negative skinny" on top of the normal breast sizing, and Level 2 applies the "negative skinny" twice. It was discovered early on that doing applying a negative skinny morph with the sex appeal slider had the effect of enlarging the breast with a few side effects (see ISSUES section below), and that's how this particular mod achieved that. Please note that there may be better mods available now that do not have the issues of this method.


I can tell you what it does, you can setup the mod to see what it does, or I can put up a few comparison images so you can see what it does!

First, comparisons of the strength slider at 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, and 100%
strength 20 vanilla vs type 0.png strength 40 vanilla vs type 0.png strength 60 vanilla vs type 0.png strength 80 vanilla vs type 0.png strength 100 vanilla vs type 0.png
Note that I would recommend not exceeding 60% on either the Strength or Fat sides, and I find 40% to be sufficient for my own wants. For some examples along the Strength - Fat edge:
vanilla vs level 0 various.png

As I mentioned above, the Strength and Fat sides' morph effect has been essentially multiplied by five times; this would mean that the vanilla 100% is approximately this mod's 20%:
strength 100 vanilla vs strength 20 modded.png

For comparison of the Breast Expansion levels (vanilla and Level 0 are basically the same):
Compare Sex Appeal 50.png Compare Sex Appeal 100.png

And now a collection with the sliders set to the following: Strength 40, Fat 14, Sex Appeal 100:
Compare strength 40 fat 14 sex 100.png


Some clothes clip or fit oddly with the beyond certain muscle, fat and breast sliders. If this affects certain must-wear clothes for you, you will have to experiment and reduce the numbers until those clothes fit. Feel free to share which clothes are affected, which version of the mod you used, and the body slider and sex appeal slider numbers that work best with those clothes.

The level 1 and level 2 breast expansion sliders have other side effects (that get worse on level 2), such as odd humps on the trapezius muscles, some added "lumpiness" around the elbows, the hips gets a bit wider as if the illiac crest is trying to push itself outward against the waist, the lips get... puffier?, and other more minor morphing side effects.

This mod was used by me (specifically, the level 0 without breast slider expansion as the boobs are big enough for my tastes) exclusively on female characters. I supposed with males, you can make some hyper-muscled and really fat characters. The breast expansion slider probably does not make your "junk" bigger, but it will probably have other side effects on male characters. Basically, level 1 and level 2 do not make any sense for male characters, but feel free to experiment.

TODO: Packaging, readme, original post text, and comparison image preparations


I give explicit permission (as in, don't need to ask me beforehand) to modify and release your own version of this mod and to include it in whatever compilation you're building. Credit to me would be nice but not necessary.

Also, after I get this one done, I'll be creating and releasing the SR4 version too.


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pretty cool^^ I jsut wanted to ask you, if its possible to only the Breast slider changed? i mean no muscle inclueded( hips are getting bigger, biceps getting bigger when the slider maxed) if its not its still a good job:D
pretty cool^^ I jsut wanted to ask you, if its possible to only the Breast slider changed? i mean no muscle inclueded( hips are getting bigger, biceps getting bigger when the slider maxed) if its not its still a good job:D

Unfortunately, the primary purpose of this mod is the expansion of the muscle and fat sections of the body triangle. How the level 1 and level 2 mods work is essentially in direct opposition of the skinny slider (so you can't do skinny with big boobs with this mod). There's the "Bigger Boobs" mods for SR4 that might work when its changes are applied for SR3 that might affect just the "breast slider", but I've not fully studied them, though one actually seems to use Uzi's SR4 version of this one as a base to some degree.

I'll be adding a readme that describes how this seems to work to affect the player character morphing. Right now, I'm pretty busy with work and other issues.
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Hooray, thanks for doing this!

The more I play SR4 the more I miss SR3.

I just quit a SR4 session just now out of total frustration with a main quest task, jumping platforms crap. I failed 7 times never got bronze. I suck at that stuff.
I still prefer SR3 overall but that is offtopic.
If that SDK for SR3 arrives before we all die it will be a happy day.
This isn't a requirement, but i think it'd be cool if there were a screenshot that shows the result.

I'll probably do that tomorrow after work. Basically just got home after a full day that I just need to unwind. In the meantime, I attached the file that contains the source images I'll be using to create comparison shots.
After much tinkering with .xtbl files I have restored the muscle and fat sliders to something resembling normal while keeping the breast sliders as excessive as the level 2 expansion. Anything more excessive is easily possible but I'm not going to do it because it causes problems with the mesh. Essentially the player model is not detailed enough so anymore expansion causes things to become... polygony.