Modding mishaps: SR2

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by F13, Jun 29, 2016.

  1. I tried using what they call Polar Stratospheric Clouds, lol, they're full of colors:
    This is what they look like in SR2 using the same sky color as above:
    SR2_pc 2018-06-24 01-37-39-55.png SR2_pc 2018-06-24 01-37-47-26.png SR2_pc 2018-06-24 01-38-01-30.png
  2. Invisible Homies?
    This happened while fixing my Freckle Bitch Gang mod:
    SR2_pc 2019-04-10 13-55-52-15.png SR2_pc 2019-04-10 13-55-58-50.png SR2_pc 2019-04-10 13-56-19-65.png SR2_pc 2019-04-10 13-57-01-70.png SR2_pc 2019-04-10 13-57-15-14.png SR2_pc 2019-04-10 13-57-23-62.png SR2_pc 2019-04-10 13-57-26-69.png SR2_pc 2019-04-10 13-57-28-09.png
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  3. Messing around the tone mapping setting in the weather_time_of_day.xtbl and found out how to get "negative colors" in the game by setting the code to be similar to this:

    Code (Text):
    With the - in front of 1.1 makes the game have negative colors:
    SR2_pc 2019-08-11 12-39-56-62.png SR2_pc 2019-08-11 12-40-06-79.png SR2_pc 2019-08-11 12-40-11-89.png SR2_pc 2019-08-11 12-40-18-27.png
  4. It looks strangely appealing :eek: (SR2 alien TOD?)

    The color palette reminds of Dragon Ball Z Namek lol
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  5. You should see the night time lol. You have inspired me to create a new mod, named SR2 Alien TOD ;)
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  6. I feel important now lmao
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  7. Got burnt by the sun today so I'm extra crispy! Imao

    SR2_pc 2019-08-29 18-19-21-54.png SR2_pc 2019-08-29 18-19-24-64.png

    Messing with the sun scale in the time_of_day.xtbl file in the game.

    SR2_pc 2019-08-29 18-19-32-32.png
    SR2_pc 2019-08-29 18-19-41-04.png
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  8. Tried to upscale the phone texture
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  9. that square mini map though looks kinda nice. maybe someone could make it look like that, i dunno havent been active on here for a lonnnnggg time
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