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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by F13, Jun 29, 2016.

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    Saints row the third, saints row IV and gat outta hell have modding mishaps so i just tought saints row 2 should have it's own thread.

    Here's me trying to add dual wwield to a 2 handed weapon
    20160626131058_1.jpg 20160626131053_1.jpg

    I was trying to see how big I could make the boss...
    20160623200626_1.jpg Feel free to upload your own mishaps.
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  2. F13


    This happened when i tried to change the nukamingo's reticule to that of the annihalator:
    (apparently i have dual wield fists...)
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  3. WTF did I just created???
    SR2_pc 2016-09-06 22-18-17-28.png SR2_pc 2016-09-06 22-18-23-84.png
  4. [V] IdolNinja

    [V] IdolNinja Volition Staff

    ^ Oh hey Anna. That was some wip stuff for the custom mission I never got around to finishing. She was going to be THE MEHRMAN, and chasing you throughout Stilwater if memory serves.
  5. You got to make this happen. I would love to see a mission like that in Sr2.
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  6. Here's another modding mishap for SR2 using the Volition Table File Editor. I had the homies.xtbl file opened in the Editor and this is what happened!

    Got a AK-47 for a Homie!
    Saints Row 2 12_9_2016 10_23_17 AM.png
    Then I dismissed him, and mugged him,
    Saints Row 2 12_9_2016 10_23_26 AM.png
    He drops the money lmao!
    Saints Row 2 12_9_2016 10_23_53 AM.png
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  7. Another mishap! Luz is somehow invisible!
    Youtube is acting stupid, can't upload videos at the moment so I put the video into a zip file.
    You might want to unzip the .zip file and play it in a media player like VLC.

    Attached Files:

  8. Still can't upload videos on youtube so I made screenshots of the event!

    Luz is invisible, you can see me being attacked by her!

    After trying to get away she still attacks!
    After several attempts to get my bat out she relentless attacking me, finally I attack back!
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  9. The Ronin and the Saints together

    SR2_pc 2017-03-11 20-29-54-43.png SR2_pc 2017-03-11 20-29-59-11.png SR2_pc 2017-03-11 20-30-27-04.png SR2_pc 2017-03-11 20-29-59-11.png SR2_pc 2017-03-11 20-30-27-04.png
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