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    If you use the convertasm tool it will convert asm files to plain text so you can easily search inside of them for each str2_pc file they relate to. Easy peasy. I also responded to your question about how to use updateasm. It's incredibly easy once you understand the parameters.
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    Damn. You got me. I was thinking of cell phone code.
  3. Some Mission IDs are missing from IdolNinja's list. I'll list them here:
    • mm_m1_5.lua: Initial Character Customization (starts right after m01.lua)
    • mm_p_06.lua: "We've Only Just Begun" Pierce Activity Arc's Ending Cutscene
    • mm_p_07.lua: "Pub Crawl" City Takeover Complete Phonecall from Pierce
    • mm_k_06.lua: "The Morning After" City Takeover Complete Phonecall from Kinzie
    DLC IDs:
    • dlc2_m01.lua: Faster, More Intense!
    • dlc2_m02.lua: Hangar 18 1/2
    • dlc2_m03.lua: That's Not in the Script!
    • dlc3_m01.lua: Weird Science
    • dlc3_m02.lua: Tour de Farce
    • dlc3_m03.lua: Send in the Clones
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