Male "Sex Appeal" Slider Mod

To preface, I believe just as people are entitled to the giant boob mod variants, which were a hit, people can request the male equivalent.

So, what I mean by "Male 'Sex Appeal' Slider Mod" is a simple mod which allows one to increase the "Sex Appeal" slider in a male character outside its normal range. Yes, the bulge, made bigger.

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Again, the default female sex appeal capacity was already extreme before people modded it to even more extreme extremes. I think this much is reasonable.

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I've seen many threads raised about this over the years, and I'm always left perplexed because it seems like a fairly simple concept but the prospect always seems to fade into oblivion... Was there a mod I've been missing all this time that voided the need for further discussion, is it some endlessly complex riddle to achieve this (doubt it), or did people just give up on the idea?

The most recent updates I've seen on this topic, are from 2013.

If you're inclined to say, "Ew, that's weird. Do it yourself," that is OK, but if you could kindly lend some direction as to how a noob could do this (what to look for in the SR3 directory, what programs to use if needed, etc). I would be more than willing to do it myself.

Thanks for reading. Would like to finally see this happen.

Note: I posted this in here, as opposed to the Adult Corner, because nudity isn't explicitly involved, or at all. Just a slider increase.

5 0 0 views later, this thread is disproportionately more visited than the others in this section, but at the same time, still no input. Truly interesting. Clearly the idea intrigues people enough. So where's the bite?

I just started playing the remastered version and I was happy to note that this slider was present after I added Super Ethical ModPack. :)