Male "Sex Appeal" Slider Mod

Discussion in 'Mod Requests' started by 3xpr3nte, Apr 1, 2017.

  1. To preface, I believe just as people are entitled to the giant boob mod variants, which were a hit, people can request the male equivalent.

    So, what I mean by "Male 'Sex Appeal' Slider Mod" is a simple mod which allows one to increase the "Sex Appeal" slider in a male character outside its normal range. Yes, the bulge, made bigger.


    Again, the default female sex appeal capacity was already extreme before people modded it to even more extreme extremes. I think this much is reasonable.

    Saints Row The Third Female Boss Breast Sizes.png

    I've seen many threads raised about this over the years, and I'm always left perplexed because it seems like a fairly simple concept but the prospect always seems to fade into oblivion... Was there a mod I've been missing all this time that voided the need for further discussion, is it some endlessly complex riddle to achieve this (doubt it), or did people just give up on the idea?

    The most recent updates I've seen on this topic, are from 2013.

    If you're inclined to say, "Ew, that's weird. Do it yourself," that is OK, but if you could kindly lend some direction as to how a noob could do this (what to look for in the SR3 directory, what programs to use if needed, etc). I would be more than willing to do it myself.

    Thanks for reading. Would like to finally see this happen.

    Note: I posted this in here, as opposed to the Adult Corner, because nudity isn't explicitly involved, or at all. Just a slider increase.

    5 0 0 views later, this thread is disproportionately more visited than the others in this section, but at the same time, still no input. Truly interesting. Clearly the idea intrigues people enough. So where's the bite?
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  2. Corrodias

    Corrodias Generally Awesome Staff Member

    Please observe the rule not to post multiple times in a row; edit your existing post, unless you have something new and major to add. I personally have no idea where the slider limits are stored.
  3. Thanks for the response. Hopefully someone will shed some serious light on this topic, because it has been universally (and quite passive-aggressively) ignored for years as all those boob mods continued to flood different forums.
    I'll remember the multi-post thing-- and if I should bump this thread, I'll delete my prior posts so I don't violate that rule
  4. Corrodias

    Corrodias Generally Awesome Staff Member

    I do feel that you're attributing malice to behavior that's likely a result of disinterest. There's nothing passive-aggressive about nobody being interested in making a mod. As for telling you where sliders are stored, that seems easier, but it may be that nobody who happens to know also happens to be browsing this forum... or that simply nobody knows, although since there are apparently(?) mods for the female sliders, they could tell you where that information is, at least.

    Since you're new to modding the game in general, if you want to start, you can start here - - and check out the other threads in the guides forum.
  5. Odd that my response to Corrodias has disappeared.

    It definitely isn't premature or inappropriate to say that the topic of male-oriented mods is ignored. It is ignored, and has been for years.

    As for the modding basics guide, it really isn't enough to go on. Best I can do is continue to bump this thread.
  6. Corrodias

    Corrodias Generally Awesome Staff Member

    There's also a rule against intentionally bumping just to get the thread attention. It reads:
  7. I'll respect that rule, but you realize that this is, by far, the most viewed thread in this section, no? People continue to view it. The same users wouldn't return over and over again to a subject they weren't interested in, so, it's either new traffic, or it's frequented by some of the same people.

    It tends to reinforce the point I made that passive-aggression being a factor. Suffice to say, if I can't bump this thread, there's no way the idea will ever come to fruition. The only reason male-oriented mods started to appear in the Adult Corner of SR3, is because a random person finally appeared on this site and inquried about a bulge slider. They'll fade into obscurity too in time given the vicious cycle.

    Also, I appreciate your linking the modding guide.
  8. I've viewed the thread several times wondering why it got bumped. o_O

    After about the 5th time it was bumped, I went looking through the female breast size mods to see what they edited and then went looking for a male equivalent entry. Didn't see any entries in those specific tables. If there is one it's not clearly labeled or it's in some other table that I couldn't find. Also, you have to realize not many people mod this game (specifically SR3, but even SR4) anymore. I suspect those two reasons are why there isn't a mod for it.
  9. Never heard anything about boob mobs before in my life....

    I already realize that, and quite honestly, I don't care, because there was a time when the games were more popular, and there were more modders, and still, the topic was dismissed on different grounds with some other excuse, when it could have been addressed. :p
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