Loose Lua Packfile Patch

All credit for this patch goes to neburas for discovering how to patch misc.vpp_pc
This is a patch for SRTTR ONLY
SRTT will not work if you try and install this

This patch enables loading of any custom sr3_city.lua and game_lib.lua

As you may know, SRTTR no longer allows loading loose lua files like sr3_city.lua and game_lib.lua. In order to allow that again, we needed to hex edit sr3_city.lua and game_lib.lua out of the misc.vpp_pc packfile.

A custom sr3_city.lua and game_lib.lua are now provided so that everyone can test if it works before grabbing a custom lua file.
When you load into a game with those files a message should appear on the left side saying Loose Lua Patch Loaded! (thanks to nclock1405 for the idea)
A Backup of the original misc.vpp_pc is now included as well.

To install this patch READ THE README
If you choose to download this from SaintsRowMods be sure to download BOTH the Backup.rar and Loose Lua Patch SRM Edition.rar
Otherwise a combined version of the patch and backup can be found on Google Drive


  • Backup.rar
    93 MB · Views: 2,351
  • Loose Lua Patch SRM Edition.rar
    93 MB · Views: 6,199
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Knowing that this is possible now... I am going to try breaking things even more with some str2 files :D
Can you please explain how i would be able to do this as well?
Oops , my mistake. i replied while the file is downloading

then i tested the old sr3city.lua modified sandbox+, it doesn't work.

Well i only start fresh completely and i just first put Daedalus into the city from sandbox+ script. There's no keys to press yet. may come in the future. I have to take steps and testing first.

SRTTR 2020-05-25 12-32-15-764.jpg SRTTR 2020-05-25 12-32-51-834.jpg
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Ah Finally! I can play sandbox+...

Nevermind. Sandbox+ It doesn't work , some functions may not be incompatible , might be deleted or not loaded.
I guess the problem is with key combos which were a very hacky thing. We need to see a SRTTR table with keys definition
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I guess the problem is with key combos which were a very hacky thing. We need to see a SRTTR table with keys definition
I use fan of saints version so, these functions relates to packfiles will nolonger function.

I can however create from scratch, I do have the key definition but the keys where changed a bit mostly for aircrafts.
Admins can you move this to SRTTR other mods section?

Edit: thank you!
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