Janson's Unofficial Clothing Patch

Discussion in 'Mod Releases' started by Janson, Apr 4, 2019.

  1. There are things that bothered me about Saints Row 2's customization that I aimed to fix.
    Why is the leather choker listed as eyewear and not a short necklace?
    Why is the surgical mask a loose belt and not a mouth piece?
    These are examples of things I look at and revise.
    (Following picture shows 2 hats equipped with 2 eyewear items)

    Items in "" were moved to be equipable with other items you couldn't before.
    Tell me any suggestions and such to include and they have a great chance of being added!
    !!!Some items are in the "sock" slot to help with compatibility. I chose this because socks are basically useless and I needed somewhere to put them.!!!

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  2. The zombie mask would be cool to wear with hats and eyewear.
  3. Oh my you're right. I'll see if I can do that.
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