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Improved Vehicle SFX

Discussion in 'Mods in Progress' started by pleasegofuk, May 16, 2017.

  1. This mod aims to improve the sound FX of vehicles and tire sounds in general. Mostly will be siren mods for now since they sound like they were taken from a sound effects website made in the 90's with terrible quality, I'll be replacing those as well with higher quality ones :)

    As far as tire screeching sounds goes, I'm not enitrely sure where they are stored. Even Volition themselves probably don't know either since no one has made a mod replacing them yet, which is a shame. If I'm unlucky, they just might be in the .xwb for EVERY car in game. :/ Anyone have any ideas where to start? Thanks.

    Will post updates soon, stay tuned.
    Also might attempt to port this to SRTT/IV as well if it's possible.
  2. Edit: Oops, Can a mod please move this? I meant to post this in SR2 Forums :)
  3. Would like to see the classic Saints Row tire screech as a standalone mod please, if it's even possible to add :p
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  4. Hi, sorry for the trouble. I've completed both tire screech as well as siren sounds for all vehicles. Unfortunately I can't seem to the build the package :/ Ugh, I give up. Just gonna post this as-is.