1. P

    Gun sound modifying makes all guns silent

    As the title suggests, I've been attempting for hours on end now and if there's something I hate a lot, is when a game refuses to be modified, I've been trying to modify the gun sounds for hours now yet every time I make a new XWB with my gun sounds and import it through GOTR's insert your own...
  2. pleasegofuk

    Improved Vehicle SFX

    This mod aims to improve the sound FX of vehicles and tire sounds in general. Mostly will be siren mods for now since they sound like they were taken from a sound effects website made in the 90's with terrible quality, I'll be replacing those as well with higher quality ones :) As far as tire...
  3. Gamyr

    How do I properly open .xtbl files in Notepad++?

    I have a question. How do you get the correct formatting for .xtbl files in Notepad++? I opened one, but it was all bunched together. :eek: What am I doing wrong? :confused: Any help would be appreciated.
  4. SkaterSaints

    Editing Missions "HELP"

    I just edited the mission 18 to not block the phone and homies and i;ve pack it into m18.model.str.pc and once i start play this mission the game load infinitely:( . I have to merge 2 str.pc files or more?