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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by [V] IdolNinja, Aug 14, 2013.

  1. I find it easiest to run with the ball held diagonally, that way you won't run straight into an exploding car and catch fire.

    alternatively, stick with crowded sidewalks and fences instead of vehicles
  2. Though it's easy to get gold by holding the ball and running, it further shows many of the activities were not properly thought through.
    I agree 100% with Idol's review. Personally I see it as our communities manifesto to Volition. I personally LOVE SRTT and SR4, but now it's time to take that idea and expand it to the size of SR 2. Let's be real...they dodged a bullet twice. SRTT wasn't ready for release but had to be polished and shipped before THQ collapsed....fair enough. SR 4 was being rushed through to hopefully save THQ.....but time abruptly ran out, however, Deepsilver had just paid 22 million for Volition and SR.....they needed a little return. Despite this Volition released two amazing games......but SR needs to be a fully developed, and produced game. No more rushing, or broken budgets. Eventually they are gonna slip up and ship a turd. They are moving way too fast. Time to take a deep breath, and finally just make a huge game again using the engine developed for SRTT and SR 4.
  3. I thought at this point they'd decided no more Saints Row games in the current vein, implying not a reboot but something different but in the same design.

    Also, remember, the engine while good is designed around the limitations of last-gen console hardware. It needs a hefty update, and considering every mention of bigger memory caps giving them more space to expand into results in someone from Volition saying they'd just pack it full of new features and be stuck again.. they probably have a BIG list of stuff they want to add to the engine first.

    Along with that I'll bet they have a number of plans to go with that engine.. right now they're probably focused on upcoming DLCs, notably those story ones that are gonna involve a lot more work to put together from the whole group, but it'd be crazy to think they didn't have a list of "Wouldn't it be cool if---" they shelved, to go with their "Man, if only the engine would handle---" list. It's probably too early to look at a new game right after they released the other and they have DLC to make (moreso, presold thanks to the season pass)... but it'll come and they know there's thought to be done. They might not make another SR2, but I already HAVE SR2. I don't need another, I want something like it, and I suspect they know that and have already done idle pondering. I'm not gonna worry about them 'rushing' anything, not for a long while. (Of course, if they release a 'final dlc' and then announce they're working on SR: Redux with a release of the next year, THEN I'd worry.)
  4. Activities weren't even in the list of "things to worry" in this game. Maybe that's why.
    The fact that all you can do is Mayhem stuff and sprinting/jumping stuff with a very few unrelated ones like Fraud and Fight Club means they really didn't put any effort into activities at all in this game, they're way worse than in SR3.
    I chuckle thinking how they thought they were doing a good thing having TK Mayhem, Stomp Mayhem, Tank Mayhem, Weapon Mayhem, UFO Mayhem, Mech Mayhem instead of having 6 different and FUN activities.
  5. Weapon Mayhem ?
  6. On foot I'd assume.
  7. And I thought I was missing something ! :p
  8. What do you mean there are no radio commercials, station IDs, and news reports?
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  9. smashbro596

    smashbro596 Modding patch tester

    songs play mostly uninterrupted.
    the closest thing to a commercial break in sr4 is on the classic channel where zinyak reads passages from shakespeare, pride and prejudice, etc.
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