Idol Ninja

I cried when I heard the news of his passing. RIP Mike, Legendary Modder that brought us GoTR.
Really fucking sad. I dunno,I got no words...I do appreciate his donations to both Saints Row Mods & Community.I hope he could be happy out there in heaven

Even though its far from flawless,SR2 GOTR is still a god-like masterpiece,and his hardly effort is far beyond SR2.He did so much job to SR Community & Mods,I cant even imagine the real Total time he had spent on the SR franchise (overwhelmingly huge)

His Legacy would eternally live in our minds and hearts.Anyways,rlly thks for the joy and thoughts u have brought us,Mike''Idol Ninja''Watson!
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I have just returned to the forums and SR in general after a long departure and learnt of Mike (Ninja's) death, it is very sad news indeed I found this forum many years ago (2013) back when things were still being worked on and Ninja's contributions and dedication to all the SR games went above and beyond, he helped so many people created so many wonderful mods and tools for people to use, and remember vividly the day he told us all about Volition offering him a job with them, it really came as no surprise to me considering all he had done but the fact they were hiring a "modder" from this community gave me a lot of hope for future games especially one who loved the games and the community so much.

R.I.P. old friend.
Mike Watson (IdolNinja)
May he rest in eternal peace, I’ve just gotten back on this forum and I can’t tell you how terribly sorry I am. He helped make games better in many ways than 1, he was an excellent moderator and a great modder. I pray he’s comfortable and I pray everyone here has a great day.
Man, Sad to Read about his passing. The Man Created lots of Good here on these forums. Rest in Peace Brother.
oh fuck... I've been downloading all his mods and such as i was just getting back into saints row. I thought he was still around but... damn... I really don't even know what to say...