Idol Ninja

I came to the modding community this year and had never heard Mike name or his username before then but seeing his influence, it is incredible what one man can do. I have used his SR2 GOTR mod so much and it has brought me so much joy. I owe him all the thanks and appreciation I can give, yet to hear all the news about his health and now his demise, I'm crushed. I hope his legacy lives on through his great work and the inspiration he has seeded into this site's community. He will be missed and it is a tragic loss. My he rest in peace.
Oh man. I was cleaning out some old bookmarks and noticed IdolNinja's old blog was finally gone after several years inactive, figured I'd search up the forum (I always linked from his blog) and found this. Sad news. GotR has been a stable in my nearly annual replays of SR2. You'll be missed, Mike, RIP.