How-to Edit AOM's Texture: Captured w/ResoRep & Edit w/Paint.NET [v0.5]

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  1. NOTE (Aug 05, 2018)
    - This is ONLY for replacing existing Textures aka Override, you can't add new Skins
    - This is ONLY to change the design (transparency (Alpha) & color (RGB)) & other Maps of Textures that are used on Agents, Vehicles, Environment, Interface/Menus & Effects
    - If you edit the Texture (With Current Tools), for some reason the Model has higher Brightness (I'm in the Ark, I Suggest turning the Brightness down)
    - AOM's .DDS are DX11 "BC7" while SR4/SR3 used DX9/DX10, so a Plugin is required to open AOM's .DDS files in Paint.NET (The Plugin requires you to rename your DX11 .DDS to .DDS2)
    - There is no Current .DDS File Viewer for quickly viewing DX11 like a Gallery
    - WARNING THIS APPLICATION will Capture approx 2GB of Textures = approx 5000 Files & 10 Folders

    - Add Labelled Screenshots
    - Add Library what File#'s Skin belongs to Character, Weapon or Vehicle
    - Work on My Mod Ideas

    AOM.0 - Tools' Setup to Retexture AOM with Paint.NET
    0-A. Tools Needed

    - Windows OS, 64-bit (I use Windows 7 64-bit)
    - Agents of Mayhem, Unknown Version (With or Without DLCs)
    - Paint.NET, 4.0.21 (Updated & Updates NET.Framework)
    - Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable
    - Java Runtime Environment (JRE), 8.0 Windows x64

    - Resorep, 1.7.0 (To Catch & Override Textures from AOM)
    - DDS FileType Plus, 2018-07-09 (To open AOM's .DDS in Paint.NET)

    - Advanced Renamer, 3.82 (To Batch Rename .DDS to .DDS2 & back)

    - XPboxstationNerd's PC Save File (So you can Catch 95% Textures, for Modders)
    >> Backup your Savefile (Send to CompressFolder), before replacing
    >> Copy to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\150207531\304530\remote\saves\AOM

    0-B. Tool Setup

    NOTE: Once JRE 8, NET Framework & Visual C++ 2015 is installed, continue
    1A. When Installing Resorep > Go to & Extract Your Window OS's Folder (Mines is Win7x64) to a Folder you'll be working in, You should have 3 Files (Resorep.jar, dx11proxy64.dll & dx11proxy32.dll)
    1B. Open resorep.jar > Ok > Add application > Go to AOM's Game Folder or Copy the Filepath within "" in File Name: [Bar] & Press Enter ("C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Agents of Mayhem\aom") > Open "AOM_Release_Final.exe" > Check "64-Bit" > Ok
    NOTE: You may also have to Run as Administrater for AOM.exe (Right-Click > Properties > Compatibility > Privilege Level)

    2. IN WINDOWS EXPLORER > Go to "C:\Users\Owner\Documents\Resorep" Folder > Copy "ui.log", "original" Folder & "modded" Folder to the Folder your Working in (You can rename the Folder)

    3A. IN RESOREP.JAR > Advanced settings > Uncheck "Send anonymous..." if you prefer > Check "Enable mod creator mode" > Ok > Check "Write dll log to:" > Click "..." > Browse & Open the "ui.log" you copied in 0-B2 Step
    3B. Check "Save original textures to" > Click "..." > Browse & Open the "original" Folder for where the Captured Original textures will Copy to > Ok > Click "..." above the (?) > Browse & Open the "modded" Folder for where the Modded Textures will be for Overriding > You can Close Resorep.jar & Keep it close while Running AOM

    4. For Paint.NET (Closed) & DDS FileType Plus > Extract & Place the 3xdll files (DdsFileTypePlus.dll, DdsFileTypePlusIO_x86.dll & DdsFileTypePlusIO_x64.dll) in "C:\Program Files\Paint.NET\FileTypes" or "My Documents\ App Files\FileTypes" > Restart Paint.NET

    AOM.1 - Capture & Edit AOM's Textures with Paint.NET
    Capture Texture
    Open AOM Game > Alt+Enter to go to Windows Mode or Alt+Tab to switch Window >
    View the Texture in-game you wish to Edit
    e.g. Go to Mayhem Ark > Vehicle Bay > Select a Vehicle > Select Skin >
    Scroll/Browse to Preview Skin/Model & Resorep will Capture. For Agent's Skin >
    Wreck Room > Select Any/First Mission > Wait for Loading > Edit Squad > Select
    Agent or Skin > Agent or Weapon's Skin > Scroll/Browse to Preview Skin/Model &
    Resorep will Capture)
    - You can edit & view changes while game is running, but you have to
    "Refresh" the Skin's Wearer via Switch Agent Key, Resummon Vehicle, Open Squad
    Menu or Browse Skin
    - If the Original Texture has no Texture then try reverting back to the original .dll then re-using the game .dll
    2. Go to Where the Original Textures are > Copy & Paste Folder to create a Backup

    1-B. Bulk Rename Multiple Textures
    Open Advance Renamer > Pick Language & Click on Help or Never Show Again >
    Click on "Folder Panel" (Top Middle) & a Panel will Appear > Expand [+] the
    Folders in the Panel to Original Texture (C:\Users\Owner\My Files\...\Original
    Texture\DXGI_FORMAT_BC7_TYPELESS) > Select the Folder > Add Selected
    1A. In Add Folder Window > Check "Add the Files in Folders" > Check "Include
    subfolders" > Ok > Wait for Loading

    IN ADVANCE RENAMER > In Leftside Panel > Add method > Replace > In "Text to be
    replaced", Type in "dds" > In "Replace with", Type in "dds2" > "Apply to" from
    Name to Extension (You'll see Changes in Middle Panel) > Start Batch (Ok all

    1-C. View & Edit Texture

    - Diffuse Maps (Color/Design Texture) is in "DXGI_FORMAT_BC7_TYPELESS"
    "DXGI_FORMAT_BC1_TYPELESS" are maps that may deal with Lighting, Bump or Specular
    (I wouldn't know)
    - Tip from victorzvyagin360 (Youtube - 00lAc2Sh9U), Agent/Vehicle -Diffuse/ColorMap- Textures are approx 1366KB or more
    - Some Skins are split into Multiple Files
    - I'll be making a List of what # = Agent/Vehicle (Some)

    1. Navigate to Original Textures Folder > Pick the Folder of the Type & Texture
    you wish to Edit > View by Detail & Group by Size

    Open & Edit the .dds2 Files with Paint.NET > Save As > Go to & Open Modded
    Texture Folder > Change "Save as Type" to DirectDraw Surface (DDS) (*.dds2) >

    Save Configuration will appear
    > Under Settings = "BC7 (sRGB, DX11+)" or "BC7 (Linear, DX11+)"
    > BC6H/BC7 Compression Mode = "Fast"
    > Error Metric = "Perceptual"
    > Check Generate MipMaps > "Nearest Neighbor" or "Fant"

    1-D. Viewing Modded Texture in Game
    IN WINDOWS EXPLORER > Go to Modded Texture Folder > Rename the Extension of
    .DDS2 to .DDS > Start Game & Change to Skin (4294528150 = Gat's The Rookie Skin)

    NOTE - If AOM won't start go to the Game Folder hide the d3d11.dll Copy & Paste
    (Adds a - Copy to Filename) > Rename the ori_d3d11.dll to d3d11.dll > Start AOM >
    Wait for Loading > Close AOM > Rename the d3d11.dll back to ori_d3d11.dll >
    Rename d3d11 - Copy.dll to d3d11.dll > Start AOM (If that doesn't work delete
    game_d3d11.dll or/and run AOM as Adminstrator or/and Use Task Manager to Close
    Steam then Reopen and/or run ResoRep.jar again)
    [C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Agents of Mayhem\aom]

    I forgot to add proof -
    View attachment 20028
    View attachment 20029
    View attachment 20030
    View attachment 20031
    View attachment 20032
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