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How do SR3 Car Physics Feel to You?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Cogkicker, Nov 2, 2013.

  1. The vanilla cars ( default or unmodded ) handle sloppy except for the Raycaster which is semi decent.
    But after I tweaked the physics they handle great.
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  2. I have never seen such a costume. Is that a mod?
  3. Yeah Saint's Row never seemed to excel in the vehicle handling department. It can still be fun I guess but, both the driving and vehicle damage could be greatly improved. It's pretty cool how the tank pancakes cars though even if it's not that realistic, it's pretty funny. Driving can still be fun in my opinion especially once you get used to it but I still greatly agree with you. When you're driving a big ass truck for example, you don't really feel like you're driving a big ass truck. Everything kinda feels the same in a way and well... yeah. At least it's not TERRIBLE, it's definitely playable and has potential to still be fun.
  4. I prefer realism and thats why for me, IV's car physics were far better than in any Saints Row game. Maybe thats why I never got used to the "fun physics" concept of SR cars? I found them hardly driveable and was alarmed at the appalling visual details (both models and texture-wise), though thats for another thread. In a nutshell, I'd rather drive a car from IV which has nearly no tuning options available in-game than SR2/3/4 cars with a million accessories on 'em.

    It could also be due to the fact that I drive a real vehicle everyday so I'd expect a vehicle in-game to behave like, well... a vehicle and not like a spaceship from Alpha Centauri.
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  5. I find it hard to emotionally bond with cars in SRTT. There is a lack of feedback and feel (audio and visual).

    There seems to be no games thus far, where good car handling and good breast physics play along another:(
    (Cheers to SRTT for being the closest)
  6. Quantum

    Quantum Modding patch tester

    The cars feel a bit light (the mass is low), but better than the earlier SR games. The infinite shifting sound annoys the hell out of me! It's so unrealistic. I wish we had a fix for that.
    As modders, we have the ability to tweak the numbers for car physics, but nobody's found a fix for the audio.