Get Down and Boogie

Based on the file comparison, I'm pretty confident that your 2013 version should work fine with the mod in all versions of the game. I still don't know why they removed some of the ".anim_pc" files from the USA version, but maybe they just optimized it at some point to save disk space on the console version.

Groovy. Version 2.0 is now up on the first post, with the 2013 preload_anim.vpp_pc file and appropriate instructions. I've also put three versions in - one just for crouch anims, one just for taunts/compliments, and one for the complete package.


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Great to see version 2.0! And I do love your detailed readme.txt files. I can't wait to see your Saints Row The Third version! I think I'll try to combine your "preload_anim.vpp_pc" with the one in Sandbox+ version 1.0, since I usually install that one too. I'll have to check the differences first, but I'll post the combined version here if I do it. Thanks again!

EDIT: I tried combining the two preload_anim files, but the game crashed at startup, so I think I hit some limit, either maximum buffer size or maximum number of preload animations (there were 4062 in the combined file).
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I've had a couple of fails on repackaged preload_anim files. My only success was a very, very small one where I imported SR3's Apache compliment (the one in SR4 is about half as long, and it's the second half). In that case I renamed the apache animation to replace an NPC dance animation that was redundant, recorded under two names. I figured a few NPCs somewhere might have their dance animations replaced by Apache, but no biggie, and the number of files remains the same.

So I load up my game (Sandbox+ in the Three Count Crib) and there's an NPC doing the SR3 Apache animation right in front of me. Well that's one way to know it worked.

Minor update: I've been messing with plym.xtbl in see how doable it is to bring the animations to male characters. Where plyf for female characters has a whole list of taunt animations, plym has nothing. No compliments or insults at all, either in SR4 or SR3.

BUT just adding the taunt code to plym, as the code appears in plyf, is enough to make Get Down and Boogie work in SR3 (which is what I did for the beta in the SR3 Mods-in-Progress forum). Hopefully it'll be the same in SR4.

It actually makes it really easy to mod the animations in plym, because there's so few taunt lines. Everything you see with insult or compliment next to it is a mod-relevant line - you don't have to go digging for them. I'd be tempted do the same to the plyf and just remove the unused taunt lines from the female file, but I'm not sure about any side-effects. I'd like to think those lines were put there for a reason.