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  1. Get Down and Boogie (Version 2.0) increases the number of dance moves immediately available to a female player character. No more one Compliment, one Insult. Now you can have five dances from your compliments, and six Insults (which we can also turn into dances - just remember that people will try to punch you).


    Massive credit goes to Quantum, whose patience and willingness to look at the problem and try stuff out has made this work.

    This mod works in two ways, and there are versions for either way and for both at the same time.

    1. It changes your compliments. Hitting the compliment button will produce one of five dance moves, randomly picked by the game, but selected from a pool created by the mod. You won’t be able to pick them from Image as Designed, they need to be written into the file. They can be easily changed with no unpacking/converting/sacrificing small animals/repacking.

    This also changes your insult into a set of six animations that the game will select from at random when you hit the insult button. Those insults are pelvic thrusts, the finger, throat cut, head shake, chest thrust and jerk off. THESE CAN ALSO BE CHANGED. You want that insult to be the Dollar Dandy? Tell me. Make a post, say what you want, or download the guide below on how to do it yourself.

    2. It changes your unarmed crouch animation, and your unarmed crouch-walk animation, into dance animations. This doesn’t affect your ARMED crouch animations. If you got a weapon out, you don’t dance. If your weapons are stowed, you boogie. These animations can also be changed into something else - comments and suggestions are always welcome.

    That gives you up to seven dance animations without having to go to character customization. If we mod the insults too, we could get thirteen. Right now the insults are default and the rest of the mix is a little sexy, but it can be changed. Altering the default stand animation is also doable but it is vanilla right now.

    This version only works on female characters, but making a male version will (hopefully?) be pretty simple. If enough people say they want it, it’ll happen.

    There are three variants in the zip file:

    1. The complete package, which changes your crouch anims AND your compliments. It contains all the animations of the other versions.

    2. The modified crouch animations version, that leaves your compliments and taunts unchanged.

    3. The Compliments version only, which leaves your unarmed crouch animations unchanged.

    I’d recommend the complete package (see the above picture), but everyone’s got their own thing.

    Installation instructions are in the zip file – this post is going to be long enough. Read the readme. Remember to back up any files that this mod replaces, should you want to uninstall later on.

    One more thing – random means Random, not Goes Through Each Equally. Sometimes you will get the same animation three times in a row, sometimes one animation won’t turn up in a set of ten. That’s just random. Sometimes I’ve thought there is some bias to it, but I haven’t yet nailed down something that I’m sure enough to talk seriously about.


    We all want our perfect set of animations. Unfortunately there are some animations that can’t be added (yet). When this mod uses animations, it seems to be pulling them from the preload_anim.vpp_pc file. I’ve included in the zip file a preload_anim tested to be certain it contains all the animations I reference here. Check out the first few pages of this thread to see what happens with a smaller preload_anim file. Spoiler: There are T-Frame errors.

    Even with the big preload_anim file, there aren’t many traditional taunts and compliments in that file. There are:

    plyf_taunt_1.animx - the experience (the Michael Jackson)
    plyf_taunt_3.animx - pelvic thrusts
    plyf_taunt_14.animx - the scroob (under the arm wave)
    plyf_taunt_22.animx - the dollar dandy
    plyf_taunt_29.animx - of the river (macarena)
    plyf_taunt_41.animx - thumbs up
    plyf_taunt_42.animx - head nod
    plyf_taunt_44.animx – a startled thumbs up
    plyf_taunt_45.animx – woo shout
    plyf_taunt_47.animx - the finger
    plyf_taunt_49.animx - cut throat
    plyf_taunt_50.animx - head shake
    plyf_taunt_53.animx - chest threaten
    plyf_taunt_56.animx - jerk off

    The other compliments/taunts aren’t available (yet). But there are a ton of other animations, including various dances (CP means used in the Complete Package):


    life_gngf_dance_a.animx – see above image (CP)
    life_dancer.animx – dance and spin about (CP)
    life_f_dance_b.animx – fast side-step and sway, (CP)
    life_f_dance_c.animx - sexy turn (not Seven Veils, it’s a different animation) (CP)
    life_f_dance_d.animx – a low dance that’s nice but produces a clipping error if you have sex appeal of 50 or above
    life_gng_m_dance_a.animx - fast footwork, similar to the Boss’ dance at the end of SR4 (CP)
    life_gng_m_dance_b.animx - one hand swing, this one’s good if you’re into the shaky-weight
    life_gng_m_dance_c.animx – a kind of robot dance, without the robot-ness?
    life_gng_m_dance_d.animx – all about waving the arms

    As well as:

    Various hoe standing and talking animations, and one applying makeup
    Several walking animations (you can change your crouch-walk into something that actually moves, like a surrender walk, a sexy walk, or stagger-on-fire (fire not included))
    Yoga (both sitting motionless and sitting waving your hands about)
    Streaking animations
    Pole dancing
    Lap dancing
    Mascot animations

    Just bear in mind when you make suggestions that not everything is available. I can’t give you Kinzie’s dance from SR4’s ending.

    The .zip contains lists of (mostly) valid .animx files to check out if you want some inspiration. Whether you're a modder or you just want to see what's possible, it's worth a look.


    There’s a .txt in the zip file with specific instructions, including the lines in plyf you need to edit in order to change the "default" compliments and insults. This post is already pretty long.

    Bug reports, comments, suggestions, requests for a particular version, post below. I’d particularly like to know what people want for insults.

    Get Down stationary.jpg

    * Post has been edited with rebuilt version 2.0. The original version did not take into account the differences between preload_anim.vpp_pc files that seem to differ between builds of the game.

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  2. cool, is the outfit a mod?
  3. Thanks Mike Big fun
  4. Outfit is Casual Skirt, Modern Male top, Peep Toe Heels, Saints Luxury Watch and Hipster Glasses, all from Planet Zin. I'm using IdolNinja's Extra Clothing and Makeup Colors - some of the items may not be available in those colors by default. I've also got some mods running to make clothes available for purchase that otherwise wouldn't be, but I don't think any of these items are among them.
  5. Editted upon release of V2.0. This post contains redundant information. I've chopped out the images to make it less huge and obstrusive.

    New version available.

    Get Down and Boogie: Technically Legal Edition not only changes your unarmed crouch animation into a dance, and your unarmed crouch-move into a second dance, but also changes your compliment into five dances that the game randomly flicks through. Now you can go to town with seven different dance animations, perfect for Technically Legal amateur night ($21 cover 7 drink minimum).

    By necessity this will break your compliments (because breaking the unarmed-crouch function wasn't enough). If you go into character creation/edit, you will see the message "none available" under both compliments and taunts.

    When you try to taunt, your character will randomly use one of the six "default" taunts - cut-throat, head shake, jerk off, pelvic thrusts, chest loom and the finger. I'm looking at changing those in a later release. Maybe something hoe-ey.

    In the Technically Legal Edition, your unarmed crouch becomes life_gngf_dance_a.animx:
    It's a low gyration and a good middle-point to feed into the other dances. As with the earlier version, this only kicks in if you crouch while unarmed. When you have a weapon equipped, the normal crouch rules apply.

    Try moving while crouched and you get life_f_dance_c.animx:
    It's a full 360 degree turn with a clap and buttshake, also seen in the original Get Down and Boogie.

    Hitting compliment will randomly get you one of the following five animations:
    They are, in order:

    life_lap_dance_2_a.animx - lap dance rump sway
    life_gngf_dance_b.animx - big side steps, swaying, kicking, as seen in original Get Down and Boogie
    life_gng_m_dance_a.animx - fast footwork, kind of like the Boss' victory dance at the end of SR4
    life_dancer.animx - classic dance and spin. If you've messed with your customizable_action file, you've seen this
    life_lap_dance_3_a.animx - the stripper bridge, the favorite of every gentleman's club.


    1. Make backups of the relevant files:

    customizable_action in your Saints Row IV directory
    plyf in your Saints Row IV/tables directory

    If you don't have these files to backup, great. That makes it easy to uninstall the mod should you choose to - you just delete the mod files. If you do have files to backup, returning those backups to their homes will uninstall this mod.

    2. Place customizable_action in your Saints Row IV directory, and place plyf in your Saints Row IV/tables directory

    3. Done!

    If you already have a plyf file in use, and you don't want to lose the animations you get from it, editting it to get those animations without losing the rest is easy. Instructions are in the readme in the zipfile.
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  6. Quantum

    Quantum Administrator Staff Member

    The compliment animations work great, but the crouch animations don't work at all.
    When I press the crouch button, my character switches to the default model standing position with arms out, and when I walk, it just slides around in the same position with no animation at all.
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  7. If you're using notepad and not notepad++ editing the files will break the files.
  8. Quantum

    Quantum Administrator Staff Member

    I didn't edit anything. I just installed the mod according to the readme.txt file:
    1. Copied "customizable_action.xtbl" to the "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Saints Row IV" directory
    2. Copied "plyf.xtbl" to the "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Saints Row IV\tables" directory
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2016
  9. Quantum, are you in the Game Proper or in a mission like The Plane, or The Saints Wing? The female animation files are famously boned by some (not all) of SR4's missions.
  10. Quantum

    Quantum Administrator Staff Member

    I'm not in a mission. I finished the game and all the DLC. I also tried loading some saved games from various points in the game, and the crouch still does the same thing. I noticed that the compliment animations sometimes revert to the one I had configured, but it doesn't happen all the time.
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2016
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