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Discussion in 'Tool Releases' started by Minimaul, Jan 20, 2015.

  1. Minimaul

    Minimaul Site owner Staff Member

    Which tool are you using to build it - the GUI tool or the command line tool?
  2. Fan of Saints

    Fan of Saints Modding patch tester

    The GUI tool... Should I use the command line one?
  3. What packfile contains the character files for Knizie/Gat? I want to retex Kinsies awful shirt but couldn't find the right files. I tried to find something in the character_containers.asm_pc but all I found was npc_KinzieHell.str2_pc. That only changes her non playable state. Is it even in the character_containers.asm?
  4. rastaman289

    rastaman289 Modding patch tester

    It's clothing so it is in customization_items.vpp_pc ;)
  5. Okay found it, thanks.
    For anyone who is curious, it is custmesh_-196560052f.str2_pc and can be found in the customize_item.vpp_pc.

    Thanks again rastaman289.
  6. rastaman289

    rastaman289 Modding patch tester

    Never mind ;)
    I'm waiting this retex !
  7. i can't repack gat out of hell files. Can someone dend me them by PM ?
  8. Admixon

    Admixon Cybercat Staff Member

    what file can't you repack?
  9. Thanks for updating your tools Minimaul :)
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