Game crashes after 2nd mission

Discussion in 'Get Help/Troubleshooting' started by OneLegendaryGamer, Dec 9, 2018.

  1. Hi everyone, i have an issue with my SRIV, the game stays on an infinite loading screen loop, so i can't progress any further than the mission "The Saints Wing", is there a solution to fix this issue? if anyone knows how to fix it or you have experienced this issue, plz comment on this thread. i have the steam Game of the Century edition.
    thanks :)
  2. can anyone please help me? it's been nearly a day since i posted this and still no answer. i can't progress any further.
  3. You have any mod installed?
  4. no, none installed, none of the dlc is installed, i unchecked them in steam main menu.
  5. i've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game last 2 weeks 4 times but still same issue, not sure what's causing it if no mods are installed.
  6. Thats... weird. Try checking the local files from the game in steam (library>Saintsrow4>properties>local files>check files integrity)

    If a file its corrupted steam will download it again
  7. thanks i'll try that, hope it works :)
  8. nope verified files, still on the infinite loading screen, so can't play any further than the mission completed screen of The Saints Wing. i really don't understand or know why it's refusing to load the next mission :(
  9. it's working now, i was subscribed to the Crib Mod, i unsubscribed just now and it works, it does say on the mod it will only work correctly once you have completed the main storyline.
  10. So it was mod, lmao, btw that one also requires ETD dlc,
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