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Discussion in 'Other mods' started by Stormy, Aug 25, 2013.

  1. I changed the following velocity parameter from 40 to 150:

    And "BLAM" I can now fly across the city in a few seconds. Be careful about making this value too high as it may crash your Video Card.
  2. Stormy

    Stormy Modding patch tester

    Great, this works well. Updating mod now.
    EDIT: Okay, we're now offically on version 1.1 and I redid the entire first post. Go me.
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  3. have done some great work on this...I recently posted this and 150 might be a bit high for some...I found that 120 works well even in COOP...a little slower...but does the trick.;)

    I have a GTX 660 Ti Video Card (fyi)

    Thanks for the Props stormy...but I fairly new to this stuff myself...I am glad I could help out...
    As I said in my most recent post...150 might be a bit high for some people...I reduced my own to 120 and works well in COOP...I get good comments on the speed I travel...

    Thanks Arglaar...I can tell you take pride in your work (I wish I could say the same for most of the people I work with)...I am new to this site and still learning the ropes.
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  4. Arglaar

    Arglaar Nitpicking Bastard Staff Member

    Do not double-post.

    Use the Edit button.
  5. HOLY #%^%$#%^$#^....This is so smooth....way, way better than what I did....very nice....I dialed your "Highend" back to 120...before trying your revised is way smoother than the simple modification that I did to the Velocity...was it in the "superjump_glide_sm.xtbl"....?
  6. Stormy

    Stormy Modding patch tester

    Nope, just all in the tweak_tables.xtbl and that animation .xtbl that Azellez posted.
  7. hoeward

    hoeward Modding patch tester

    The 'Golden-Cid' also flies in UBER-SPEED now.
  8. Thanks for the mod, it's really been helping me out! But I have a problem.... I would like the flight speed to be slower so that it is more controllable in tight spaces. I'm already using the low-end version, and when I lower any of the values (I leave terminal velocity as is), the game crashes on the loading screen before the main menu. Do you know why this might be happening?
  9. Beni

    Beni Banned

    is it posible to fly up ? is the spawning point the highest altitude ?
  10. I just found that is possible, probably even without mods. You don't have to tweak anything (I just made a video on Youtube, but I should open a new topic about that)
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