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Discussion in 'Mods in Progress' started by Joshwoocool, Jul 24, 2020.

  1. I and Demiya are working on a Mod That's main goal to try and make Gooh less Hellish. So Far we got the following done.

    Blue Night Sky 20200724120801_1.jpg
    Replaced Bro Demons With Ultor Masako
    Replaced Demon Tanks with Normal Tanks
    Readded Emus, Gatmobiles, normal monster trucks, heaven goats and Compensators
    Husks are now 4 different NPCs(Models will change in the future)(4th is EMT and only spawns in Rambulances)

    Stuff That we are planning to do
    Add In gangs that spawn in specific Districts with proper vehicles(currently in progress)
    Replace Demons with Cops
    Replace Happy and Sad Demons With Stag
    Replace Shadow Demon with Ultor Assassins
    Have National Guard Spawn in Tanks
    Change Billboards to SR3 boards
    Change Weapons to be more realistic
    Remove or Hide Portal Vortex in sky
    Saints driving in saints vehicle
    Also likely more stuff than that
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  2. Today's Progress on things
    National Guard in the tanks now
    Male Demons Now Cops+APC currently a National Guard variant
  3. stuff done for the day
    Sons of Samedi now drive around shantytown in Churchills. Provoke them and they will shoot back.
    The 3rd Street Saints return around the map(currently hostile-plans to make them friendly)
    Winged Militia are now Swat
    added more vehicle variants(topless comet, topless hellbat, and blue taxi) and made garbage trucks the green usable variant
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  4. Hey everybody. I am still working on this. I got some stuff in the works but it's been giving me more trouble than I would initially thought. For Example I was in the process of replacing the Lava Canon to be the Viper Laser Rifle. Player Held it lacks it's stock and enemy held it lacks textures.
    20200727134625_1.jpg 20200730134928_1.jpg
    Next things next I got luchadores working. Grunt and specialist.
    Decided Grenadiers that spawn with Cops would fit better as the swat rather than winged militia being swat
    Shadow Demons are now Ultor Assassins. No longer Teleport either.
    Another Thing I am working on is replacing the Standard Demon Grunt's Audio with the Male cop audio.
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  5. I'm really impressed with how this is looking keep it up, really excited to see homies work again in SRGOOH

    I have never moded SRGOOH on the technical aspect of things but can you tell me how much leftovers it still has from SR3/4 ? i know things like the challenger tank are buried in the code but found nowhere in vanilla game
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  6. I believe there's not a whole lot left over from 4 unfortunately. I think the store functionalities are still there (Planet Zin etc) and their are a few left over vehicles which is how we're able to have gang vehicles. though their arent many vehicles left over. I would have liked the Morningstar or police cars to be left over but they aren't. There's a helicopter but it has broken animations.
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  7. To add onto this a lot of old stuff in xtmls and things like that. Kiznie's SR3 model is unused I think as well
  8. Wow! I'm loving this compilation of mods already. I was waiting for something like this for a long time. Good luck!
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