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  1. UPDATE: The solution if you get this error is to either use the alternate soundboot.vpp_pc posted in this forum or the updated version of the toolset which you can find at the following link (it works for Saints Row 2, Saints Row the Third and Saints Row IV.

    I'm getting an exception with Gibbed's tools extracting soundboot.vpp_pc with Gibbed.SaintsRow3.UnpackVPP.

    The tool set is:

    It is able to extract 929 of the 930 files.

    [929/930] voc_swat_wm.bnk_pc

    Unhandled Exception: System.IO.EndOfStreamException: Attempted to read past the end of the stream.
    at Gibbed.IO.StreamHelpers.WriteFromStream(Stream stream, Stream input, Int64 size, Int32 buffer)
    at Gibbed.IO.StreamHelpers.WriteFromStream(Stream stream, Stream input, Int64 size)
    at Gibbed.Volition.Pack.VPP.Unpacker`1.Main(String[] args)
    at Gibbed.SaintsRow3.UnpackVPP.Program.Main(String[] args)

    OS: Windows 7 x64 (SP1)
    Game Version: US (From Steam)

    soundboot.vpp_pc is 4,141,080 bytes.
    md5: 5dc2d3c681a3f6c7dae7c60759f6b932
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  2. The original post in this thread works for Saints Row IV as well although some alternate tools need to be used.

    Minimaul's Tool Set

    (I recommend using the newer toolset's ExtractStreamingSoundbank function to unpack the soundbank for editing, you can then use the BuildStreamingSoundbank against the xml file produced by the extract function to quickly rebuild it. I also found EditPackfile worked well to update soundboot.vpp_pc instead of rebuilding the entire pack file.)

    Wwise 2012

    The settings are the same as for Saints Row the Third. It will produce WEM files.
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  3. This has probably been asked before, but is it possible to change all the radio station songs? I've got quite a few albums I'd like to replace their stuff with, same with the radio tape playlist. Stuff like from say Metallica, Evanesance, Shockwave, and would like to make it so instead of listening to one, can listen to others as well. Already have the wav files themselves and unpacked kabron, krunch, khyrme and the mix so that part's all done.
  4. Now I will be greeted to my game with some smoothing jazz.

    In theory, this also means we can have NPC voices for players.

    Edit: So many cool unused soundtracks! :eek:
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  5. Is there an easier way to do this?
  6. I can't do that. it's too complicated (EDIT: I did now. I have unpacked VPP Files)
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  7. Not sure if I'm suppose to go to the "Get Help/Troubleshooting" section of these forums for this but with it bein the Custom Radio post I thought it'd be best to ask if anyone knows how to add more or edit audio files to SRTT in terms of effects?

    The long short of it is that I want to add or replace the noises and sound effects that go along with some of the taunts and know little to nothing on how to go about it.

    I got up to step 12 for this custom radio mod and figured it'd be the same for replacing taunt audio but I'm not sure where to even find the taunt/compliment audio or if it even works the same as customizing the radio.

    Thanks for readin through all that, apologies if it was too vauge
  8. When I run the extractor I just get "file incorrect format" and it spits out an empty log file. I'm using the extractor that is attached to the post with the Steam version of SRIII.
  9. I've made a program that automate the process after the wwise conversion(extracting and renaming game files in order to put the wwise modified songs in the game).
    What you have to do is simply extract the rar in your sr3 game directory and open the program in the radio editor folder.

    There are two versions:
    ---------------Exe file version----------------------------------Python file version--------------------------
    ----------(simply open the .exe )---------------(you will need to install Python on your computer)----
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