Cribs based on Campaign Progress

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Do you agree with these replacements?

  1. These Cribs are definitely more relevant to the progression of the Campaign

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  2. I like the idea, but not your choice of Cribs (Type your suggestions in the comments section)

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  3. I'll stick with my Penthouses and luxury Apartments

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  4. Replace the Meat Packing Plant with the Stilwater PD and you've got a deal

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  1. Saints Row and Saints Row The Third gave us Cribs relevant to the Campaign.
    • King's Penthouse for defeating the Vice Kings
    • Price's Mansion for defeating the Rollerz
    • Lopez Mansion for defeating Los Carnales
    • Kinzie's Warehouse for recruiting Kinzie
    • Zimos's Car Wash for recruiting Zimos
    • Angel's Gym for recruiting Angel
    • Safeword for defeating the Morningstar
    • Burns Hill Reactors for defeating the Deckers
    • 3 Count for defeating the Luchadores
    I was a little disappointed with the Cribs in Saints Row 2. Despite the Customization options, they felt completely irrelevant to the game.

    So I would like to suggest the following replacements, that can be purchased after completing specific missions:
    • University Loft - Donnie's Garage (after Red Asphalt)
    • Hotel Penthouse - Brotherhood Hideout (after The Siege)
    • Penthouse Loft - Poseidon's Palace (after Saints Seven)
    • Downtown Loft - Tohoku Towers (after Room Service)
    • Prison Lighthouse - On Track (after Veteran Child)
    • Red Light Loft - Meat Packing Plant (after Eternal Sunshine)
    • Saints Row Mega Condo - Saints Row Church (after Revelation)
    Some of these suggestions may feel like a downgrade from a high-class penthouse, but at least it would feel relevant to the defeat of each gang.

    If the Meat Packing Plant was replaced with the Stilwater Police Department, it would be unlocked after: Assault On Precinct 31.

    Each of the newly selected Cribs would have the following features as standard:
    • Stash
    • Weapons Cache
    • Wardrobe
    • Garage
    • Newspaper Clipboard
    • Television
    • Radio
    The "Helipad" will only be available to Cribs that have a suitable sized area to place it on:
    • Donnie's Garage - Rear Car Park
    • Brotherhood Hideout - Roof
    • Poseidon's Palace - Roof
    • Tohoku Towers - Roof
    • On Track - Car Park
    • Meat Packing Plant/Stilwater PD - South Car Park/Roof
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