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Crash when trying to load weapon mod.

Discussion in 'Get Help/Troubleshooting' started by SeulbYhcrana, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. SeulbYhcrana

    SeulbYhcrana Banned

    For some reason, even after applying textures and normal, it still looks like this in-game:


    It looks fine in Maya. Did I pick the wrong shader or something?
  2. flow754

    flow754 Modding patch tester

    Depends, normally it should work fine with "ir_at_bbsimple1". I'm afraid this time I really need to look at the mod files and/or the Maya scene file.
    Edit: Could it be that your TGAs aren't in the same folder as your FBX? Because if not, put your TGAs in the same folder as your FBX and convert it again, so the script can find and apply your textures.
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  3. SeulbYhcrana

    SeulbYhcrana Banned

    Nevermind, half asleep I accidentally made a naming error.

    However, now I'm having a different problem. Instead of no texture, I'm getting bits of the Pump Shotgun texture on my gun. I replaced 3 Material files in Hypershade:

    - Shotgun_Pump_A_lg_N
    - Shotgun_Pump_A_lg_S
    - Shotgun_Pump_A_sm_D

    The only one I haven't replaced is Shotgun_Pump_A_lg_D, so I'm guessing that must be the one showing up all over my nice clean gun. Where do I find it?

    Also, what are swatches?
  4. flow754

    flow754 Modding patch tester

    could you upload a screenshot? Swatches are the little material icons in Hypershade, they're irrelevant for modding, they're just a part of Maya's UI. You don't have to connect shotgun_pump_a_lg_d directly to the material, the script will find the texture automatically if it's in the same folder as shotgun_pump_a_sm_d. The question is whether you actually have a targa image called shotgun_pump_a_lg_d.tga in the same folder as your fbx and whether that targa contains the correct diffuse texture for your model.
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  5. SeulbYhcrana

    SeulbYhcrana Banned

    I didn't have shotgun_pump_a_lg_d.tga. After I put it in the same folder it went back to no texture again.

    I'll PM you the .scene.