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"Classic Saints Row 2"

Discussion in 'Mods in Progress' started by glenquagmire71, Apr 28, 2017.

  1. must be something to do with items_3d/items_inventory

    Anyway, anyway to bring back the old busting system (getting dragged out of the car, knocked down) and also, is there some sort of thing for Soundsets? I'm want to use the original SPAS12 sound files, since I'm bringing back the classic AS12 riot, and the Tombstone sounds aren't really cutting for it (also the tombstone is using it's SR1/CS model, whilst the orbital launcher returns to using the SR2 model)

    Also, the SKR-7 Spree and AS-12 Riot are planned to appear in high notoriety in the SWAT, FBI and gang members, whilst figuring out a compromise for a new University Apartments 3 unlock. It really bugged me that neither of the weapons returned, especially considering that the SWAT and FBI barely use any weapons apart from the AR40.
    Here's a screen with two of H20Fusion's mods, the original SPAS-12 model is being used for the AS-12 Riot now, since IMO, the platinum model looks kinda garbage in SR2.
  2. Just curious, who is this H20Fusion? Just kiddin'. Two mods, what mods? That must be an older version of my Texture Pack cause I see the yellow lines in the roads that are broken. They are fixed in my latest version.
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  3. Funny that you mention that, I'm running v3, which IIRC is the latest version, unless there is an updated v3 or newer v4 build hiding somewhere
  4. This is version 3 of my Texture Pack... the only difference is my SR1 Weather Mod used at the same time.
    SR2_pc 2017-04-30 21-44-29-17.png
  5. Progress is still being made, on an announcement, Blunts and 40oz's now give bonuses like they did in the original Saints Row, Gang Members will now use SKR7's until they start using the SKR9s, and because of an unknown bug/human error, Ultor Masako, and the SWAT now use SKR7s, whilst the Masko use AS-14s in place of Tombstones.

    In another reveal, the AS-12 Riot now uses the sounds it was intended to use (i.e Shotgun_fire instead of Pumpgun_fire) I am in the process of also giving the Shepherd and GDHC their original, intended SR1 sounds as well.
  6. Beta 0.1

    Goes into your 1-MODDERS_-_PUT_YOUR_OWN_PERSONAL_MODS_HERE under the optional_mod_stuff, and by extension your GOTR installation folder.
    Preload should go into your Saints Row 2 directory (if the mcmanus crashes your game, this is because it wasn't put in there)

    - Saints Row 1 AS-12, semi-auto, slightly more damage (3rd most powerfull after xs2 and 12 gauge) spawns on SWAT, Samedi, Ronin and FBI.
    Includes SR1 Icon (borrowed and modified from the one on the SR wiki) The AS-12 also is unlocked after 16 hoods.
    - SKR-7 Spree now more similar to it's SR1 state (except accuracy/spread) including it's 50 ammo mag, 50 refire delay and 90 damage,
    spawns on Saints, SWAT, and Samedi, whilst the SKR-9 spawns on Brotherhood, Masako and Ronin. Includes SR1 Icon
    (borrowed and modified from the one on the SR wiki)
    - Nukamingo replaced with Platinum RPG, which is unlocked after 35 hoods, it deals 800-3000 damage, but lacks lock-on and quick reloads.
    Includes SR1 Icon (borrowed and modified from the one on the SR wiki)
    - 40oz and Blunts now affect the player how they did in SR1, including Super Punching and Damage Resistance respect. they also last less,
    cost less.
    - Orbital Launcher now functions alot like the original cut SR2 Bean Bag Gun, and is unlocked after 5 hoods, it takes form of the AS-12.
    - Pipe Bombs and the AR50 have been restored to their original SR2 function.
    - The Original RPG has had it's SR2 design (models + textures) restored.
    - The McManus2010 now looks like it did in SR2, instead of the McManus (2005) model from SR-1. It is planned to replace the
    Chainsaw Launcher with the Original McManus, and make the 2010 model more powerful, not spawn on NPCs, require unlock, etc.

    - Randomly you won't be able to save manually, this could be due to a changed store_weapons file, although it could be on my end, make sure to save in NEW SLOTS.

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  7. My mod "Realistic SR2 Weapons" does a lot of similar things. The Spas-12/AS12 Riot Shotgun has semi auto when firing from the hip and pump action when using fine aim. I also restored the vanilla RPG Launcher model and texture and the Nukamingo 9001 uses the Platinum RPG model for the launcher and I added a laser sight. All of the weapons have ragdoll force removed so that when an NPC is killed, they drop to the floor realistically. I also add vehicle damage scale so that you can't blow up a car by smashing it with a baseball bat and you can actually use cars as cover. It also makes chases more challenging.