Changing radio stations in Gat Out Of Hell - using music from Saints Row IV

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    Try this with the latest revision of my tools - they contain several .cmd files named "extract-soundbank-sr3.cmd", "extract-soundbank-sr4.cmd" and "extract-soundbank-srgooh.cmd" - simply drag your soundbank onto the correct one to extract it.

    I'll update the tutorial with this new info.
  2. I have the same Problem but mine is not a pirated Version. Mine is located in E:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Saints Row Gat out of Hell.
    I´ve tried everything as suggested but everytime when I try to build I get errormessage " Unable to locate your Saints Row: Gat Out Of Hell."
    I extracted all neccessary files directly into Gat Out of Hell Folder. Any ideas?
  3. Is there a way to add more than 11 tracks to the playlist via this mod? Because I enjoy 16 of the songs from SR3 and SR4.
  4. An important tip from me: You are *not* required to download the 552MB Wwise tool if you're only going to use songs from Saints Row IV. Wwise is only required for converting other formats to SRIV/SRGOOH's wem format.
    If you're going to use songs from Saints Row: The Third, however, Wwise is required. SRTT's wem files are in different format (SRTT is in 2010 format rather than SRIV/SRGOOH's 2012 format) and SRGOOH cannot play it.

    I made a vanilla SRGOOH's track list just in case you want to leave some of them unchanged ("Everything" and "Pushing Me Closer" are my favorites BTW):

    * Track 1: IKILLYA - And Hell Followed with Him
    * Track 2: VANDARTH - B is for Bombs
    * Track 3: Steve Ouimette - Best Laid Plans
    * Track 4: ? - Dubstep Metal
    * Track 5: IKILLYA - Escape Plan
    * Track 6: Christopher Michael Walters - Everything
    * Track 7: Modern Echo - Flatlined
    * Track 8: ? - Freeride Action
    * Track 9: Noah Lifschey - Pushing Me Closer
    * Track 10: ? - Rallycross
    * Track 11: ? - Sportcars

    Source: Saints Row Wiki at Fandom

    The tool detects SRGOOH's folder from Steam path in the registry and appmanifest_*.acf files. If you (or someone else reading this) have a similar problem, extract the tool to the game's directory and create a file named "settings.json" (make sure to place it in the same directory with RadioSwapper.exe) with the following text:
    Code (Lua):

      "paths": {
        "sr2": null,
        "srtt": null,
        "sriv": null,
        "srgooh": "./"
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