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Discussion in 'Mod Releases' started by xQd, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. xQd

    xQd Modding patch tester

    I recommend this mod for hardcore Saints Row 2 players who finished the vanilla game for at least 20 times (like me for example) and want a little more challenge.....(little means "a lot" in this context,I didn't want to scare you at first).

    So what are exactly the main changes?
    I will try to number them all here:less health,longer regen time,locked on hardcore difficulty(no matter what difficulty you choose it's still hardcore),no unlimited ammo rewards,less respect from activities,more respect from killing goons,carry less ammo,expensive ammunition,expensive weapons,expensive properties,even expensive clothes and accesories,less income,less cash from activities,harder missions,the bosses are a nightmare now,pushbacks are nightmarish too.

    Are there any advantages the players acquire to compensate with the horrors written above?
    Yeah,kinda.You will get to recruit 3 homies earlier in the game.The joint will actually be useful this time it will make you feel in the ninth heaven so it will give you 75% reduction in damage;the booze will administer you higher melee damage.Yup that's all :(

    What do you mean with "expensive clothes and accesories" ?
    Not a huge difference at all,with the except of doubled,tripled and quadrupled clothing prices(depends on the clothing).Also pimping yourself is not so easy anymore,you need to pay up to 5k for anything that is made out of gold.

    "harder missions,the bosses are a nightmare now" what the hell ?
    Remember when you could kill Mr Sunshine with one sniper shot?Well...try that again,I dare you.Remember when Akuji was armed with a berreta pistol and required one grenade to knock him out?Well now he is armed with a fully loaded AR200 with no recoil ready to kick your ass.Don't ask about their hitpoints,you already know the answer.
    To answer about the harder missions,yeah I added more enemies and made them stronger and also added saints backup in some missions.

    "pushbacks are nightmarish too",do you mean that it's a nightmare for the other gangs because them pushbacks are way too easy in vanilla?
    Hell no!In vanilla you had to kill 3-5 lieutenants in order to reclaim your hood.What would you do when you have to kill 20-25 lieutenants ? (don't foget about the notoriety which accumulates after you kill the lieutenants).

    But wait ! I made the trail blazing activity much more fun because gangs will pursue you during the activity.Other changes are in the fight club activity where I made the fighters stronger.

    Installation instructions:Just unpack the archive and put that file into [Partition]:\Steam\steamapps\common\saints row 2.You will be asked if you want to replace the file and you will have to click yes to replace it.

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  2. [V] IdolNinja

    [V] IdolNinja Volition Staff

    One thing I always thought would be neat was to have a challenging version of the activities as well. For example, police and brotherhood notoriety during heli assault, lower timer on snatch or a timer that gets time added to it with each successful delivery, lower gold time on races, etc.
  3. xQd

    xQd Modding patch tester

    Seeing as this mod already decreases your health,damage resistance,etc it would be really hard for the player to make the activities more challenging.The only activity I modified in this mod is the fight arena one,which I added more fighters and made them stronger.
  4. I like everything about this except the difficulty,anyone to take that away?
  5. xQd

    xQd Modding patch tester

    It's a challenge mod,what did you expect?
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  6. can u teach me how to increase the density pls
  7. xQd

    xQd Modding patch tester

    Updated the OP.
  8. xQd

    xQd Modding patch tester

    Uploaded new version which rebalances the cost/income of properties and the price of ammunition.Fixed "Waste not want not" mission being nearly impossible on singleplayer.
  9. Is there any way to make it compatible with GotR? I love the idea of making SR2 more challenging, but I dont want to give up on GotR just for that.

    Im not sure, but I think it would be possible to make a homemade compatibility patch, but I would need source files, so I can see with ones were changed and how.

    EDIT: Using some new tools I managed to figure out with files have been changed. Right now Im working on merging changes with GotR. However I have problem melee.xtbl as moves are in completely different order then in GotR with makes it VERY hard to see differences.

    Nevermind, I think that you would need to make a special GotR compatible version for all of this to work correctly. With is sad really, I really hope this mod finds its way into GotR.
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  10. xQd

    xQd Modding patch tester

    Well I don't know exactly how to make it GotR compatible since I have never used GotR.
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