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Discussion in 'Tool Releases' started by Toad King, Nov 23, 2011.

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    I fixed up the code from my radio file extractor and added support to extracting DMAV metadata included with voiced soundclips. So far I've only actually tested this with the radio stations and a couple voice acting sound banks, but it should work with all other files in theory. Also have fun decoding the DMAV metadata, which contains subtitles among other things.

    * Easy way: Drag and drop the *_media.bnk_pc files over bnk_pc_extractor, and it will extract all the sound files to the folder the *_media.bnk_pc file is in. (You might want to copy it to its own folder before dragging and dropping it.)
    * Hard way/repacking files: Run the programs in the command line and follow the instructions it gives for the two files.

    * Download and run them through ww2ogg. Make sure to pick up revorb from there too. Drag and drop the .wav over ww2ogg, and the .ogg it makes over revorb.

    * Follow steps 5-12 in my Custom Radio Stations Guide. Note that it's possible that other types of sounds use other settings than those in the guide, but I'm pretty sure they all at least use Vorbis.

    * Made filelist appear in the metadata log, now you don't have to fuss with superlong command line arguments. Also fixes audiobank files with many files breaking in the Windows command prompt.

    * Fixed bug with extracting files if the DMAV section was larger than the audio file

    * Added support for extracting DMAV sections of voice audio banks
    * bnk_pc_extractor now uses a default log file location if none is supplied

    * Initial release
  2. Updated to version 1.3, making repacking files infinitely easier.
  3. .......So, basically, as I'm interpretting this, we could make our own player audiopacks.
  4. Corrodias

    Corrodias Generally Awesome Staff Member

    I haven't been following this audio stuff - it's a bit over my head - but this is a cool utility you have, here.
  5. If we can make our own player audio packs, that's pretty badass! It also gives people the chance to fix Z-Gat's voice issue.... maybe. At least so that its not all the grunts and growls it was.
  6. If the Z-Gat homie has his own audio bank file, it should be possible. As of right now, it can replace pretty much any audio file in any audio bank file. What I hope in the future is we can add in our own audio bank files for stuff like custom homies and radio stations, but before we do that, I need to figure out how the game references the audio entries. I also need to figure out the format to their voice data, like subtitles and stuff.
  7. where are the bnk_pc files???? cant find anything in the game path..
  8. RW3


    link isn't working, any mirrors or any way to get this file?

    much appreciated.
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