Billboard Texture Toolkit for SRIV

Discussion in 'Tool Releases' started by gameqube, Mar 3, 2014.

  1. Cool! I actually do use the Nvidia texture tools to do some image compression when GIMP gives a not so good result. I only used them for that though, and had kind of forgotten about that possibility.

    You can post the result of your work in this thread, no problem!

    There will be another file that will need a similar treatment:
    lcd_large_al_a - an amalgam of parts of the three vertical LCDs. When the game determines that the vertical LCDs are too distant to show the normal resolution versions, it uses this file to show a non glowing fixed image on the vertical LCDs (also, there is no image rotation going on at that point).
  2. A new version of the toolkit has been uploaded.

    - fixed a few errors in a batchfile (lines that should have been commented out)
    - added possibility of modifying the 'bench add' normal map
    - added airport signs file, which contains zinyak propaganda
    - added more notes in the section LIST OF BILLBOARDS AND NOTES of the Readme file
  3. Thanks for this qameqube :)

    I have a bit of a problem though, I had this working almost perfectly for SR3.
    Just wondering, does 'MipMap' matter much? Because I was checking over the files and one of the billboards I made had a MipMap of '1/1' whereas the original had '1/8' does that really matter much? because when I load up a game save on SR4 it crashes.
  4. It seems you had sent a post about the SR3 version and I cant see your post. Is that issue fixed?

    As for this story about mipmaps, I could see one possible way in which it could screw things up, and it is about file sizes. But it seems to that it should not be a problem. If it crashes like in your case though, I would certainly resave the file with mipmaps and see if it fixes things.

    Another possible culprit, is that some of the files are saved in an unusual format and it is not obvious what compression settings to use in their case. I think I had crashes related to that.

    If you use the Windows Texture Viewer to see the file format, in the case of, it gives a format of 8bit-a8 . I seem to remember that in this case, the file must be saves as format A8 and with NO compression.
  5. Ah I see, thanks :) The SR3 post I made was quite different from this one. I kind of rushed it up a bit last night though so that's probably why, but I tried removing some files doing a 'trial and error' thing but in the end I just did it all again with a few custom billboards added in, i'm glad to say I got it working but I had to miss a few custom billboards out :p
    I got it working though -
    I'll add a few more and hope the same doesn't happen
  6. nice looking board!

    and happy to see you are getting things under control!
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  7. I can make the textures...but the packaging stuff is still alien to me. Get it? hahaha...

    Anyway, if I were to give someone the .dds files, could they make it into a mod for me? Please and Thank you

    EDIT: Okay...I think I have this figured out. I'm testing out my new textures, fingers crossed.

    EDIT 2: That's a lot of files...but they look pretty awesome.

    My LCDs are the ones on the far right:

    EDIT 3:
    Edited the saints ones
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  8. Huh, that's odd. I keep getting an "Extractor has stopped working" error message

    Attached Files:

  9. Why am I outputting so many files when I am only editing one? Is there a way to just repack that dosn't give hundreds of files?

    Yeah this just crashes the game when you try to load your save. Maybe something is wrong with the way this works when it comes to the latest version of the game.
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2014
  10. can someone please show me how to change the billboards and send it to
    my programming knowledge is zero about it
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