Bigger, Blacker Holes (Bonus of hella more explosions)

I lied they're actually a bit smaller but they're WAAAAY stronger!

Check this out


^^ That's the normal version.

You think that looks pretty kickin, but not quite kickin enough?

Then check this sucker out.



All over.

It's some hot stuff.

Downloads below. I'm sure you can figure out which one is which.

I also included one that works with my Mech Mod in case you want to use them together.


  • Giant Mech mod - Vanilla Weapons + Black Hole
    102.1 KB · Views: 2,351
  • Bigger Black Holes - Hella
    108 KB · Views: 3,337
  • Bigger Blacker
    107.1 KB · Views: 2,430
can you merge the black hole dead time with black hole explode time ??? pretty please ;)
oh , and the blackhole when i shoot explode very close to me , can you change it ??? many thanks :)
the distance is way shorter than vanilla and it does not attack zin anymore. hover cars, tanks, portals and zin themselves are not damaged by the black holes

edit: it also disables the no glitch city mod