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  1. Decided to split the weapons from my clothing mods as a request. Will update when I create more.

    INSTALLATION: Copy the vpp_pc file to ...saints row 4/mods folder

    NierAutomata: Swords
    206420_20190509170014_1.png 206420_20190509170020_1.png

    HALO: UNSC Weapons
    20190213140022_1.jpg 20190213140022_1.jpg 20190213140027_1.jpg 20190213140031_1.jpg 20190213140036_1.jpg 20190213140042_1.jpg 20190213140045_1.jpg 20190213140049_1.jpg 20190213140052_1.jpg 20190213140057_1.jpg

    Bayonetta gun
    20181120191859_1.jpg 20181120191910_1.jpg

    Kill la Kill: Bakuzan


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