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Discussion in 'Compilations' started by B Dawg, Oct 7, 2019.

  1. 1. (hotel.lua) Removes health regeneration for both players and homies, as well as disables the ability to revive homies.
    (neither of the changes apply to story/mission characters)

    Enjoy having some actual difficulty in the game apart from random RPGs flying your way or cars ramming you.

    2. (ss04.lua and ss09.lua) Rebalances the Veteran Child and Mr. Sunshine bossfights. Veteran Child had his health halved and no longer has a cap on the amount of damage you can deal per flashbang.
    Mr. Sunshine on the other hand, had his health doubled, as well as the potency of his healing ability (if he ever gets/decides to use it).

    I was always bothered by the fact that the stupid pussy teenager was a far tougher boss fight than Mr. Sunshine, who was far too easy.

    3. (weapons.xtbl) Applies minor changes to weapons for better consistency and progression. All semi-automatic pistols (with the exception of the Vice 9) have received minor spread increases. The Vice 9 received a major spread decrease. The K6 and the AR-40 had their roles swapped (K6 now does more damage and is less accurate, AR-40 does less damage but is more accurate). The AR200 received a minor spread decrease.

    Accuracy changes are only applied to the player.

    After doing the 2 above mentioned mods, I thought I'd tweak the guns a little, and found some rather disturbing things. The Vice 9 for some reason was a straight downgrade to the NR4. It's only upside was a minor boost in damage, while having a smaller mag size and being the only semi-automatic pistol with poor accuracy. The K6 and AR-40 for some reason were just opposites of what you'd expect. The K6 had slightly less damage but very good accuracy, while the AR-40 had slightly more damage but rather bad accuracy. It made no sense.

    Stick the files into ''MODDERS PUT YOUR OWN PERSONAL MODS HERE''

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  2. i have been waiting for a mod to be made to remove regen, tried to do it myself and didnt work
  3. Yeah, it was one of my biggest problems with the game, I had to figure out how to do it.
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