AOM E3 Gameplay schedule

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Just a note that the first AOM gameplay will hit on Tuesday June 14. I'll post an exact streaming schedule in this thread once I have it.


Here's the full AOM E3 live schedule!

Tuesday, June 14

IGN - 11:40 AM Pacific Time, 20:40 CEST, 7:40 PM BST

Twitch - 12:00 PM Pacific Time, 21:00 CEST, 8 PM BST

Square Enix Presents - 5:30 PM Pacific Time, 2:30 CEST, 1:30 AM BST

Wednesday, June 15

PlayStation - 1:30 PM Pacific Time, 22:30 CEST, 9:30 PM BST

Thursday, June 16

Gamespot - 1:25 Pacific Time, 22:25 CEST, 9:25 PM BST
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OP updated with live schedule
The reception to Gamespots gameplay video is surprisingly negative and hostile towards the game.

Maybe not surprisingly so, I suspect taking away the good parts of Saints Row and keeping the bad parts won't necessarily make people immediately giddy.
What I consider the good parts was character customization, open world and sandbox elements.
The bad parts were always the shooting / action part of the game.
This game to me looks to focus on the bad parts of Saint's Row instead of the good parts, a very odd direction to go -- One I can't explain.
Not sure about the over-simplified art style either, there is a fine line between minimizing and going to simple, considering Volition is not a indie studio I can't approve of minimizing further than SR3 which seems to be the case.